Xbox 360 Elite Demand Not That High?

From Loot Ninja:
"I just took a trip around to all my local stores that sell video games. After a trip at 1:30pm to Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Gamestop, EB Games, and Circuit City, I found that they ALL still have Elite systems in stock.

I know some of these stores got as little as 4 units, and they all have systems in stock. Is the demand not there? I would have expected the stores with the smaller quantities to at least sell out, but it doesn't look that way."

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zantetsuken4251d ago

I woke up late, figured I was SOOL. Called gamestop, guy said no one would buy it, he still had 50 units. I went and traded in my premium system for $250. They also got crapload of wii's in, but were sold out.

OutLaw4251d ago

I live here in New York and called a few Gamestops and they wasn't even getting about 4 let alone 50. I can see someone's nose growing.

eques judicii4251d ago

yea.. when i worked at gamestop we never got more than 20 systems at on time... plus there was that report earlier that gamestops and eb games weren't getting more than 10.

zantetsuken4251d ago

You people need to grow up. I swear some of you must be paid by MS.

The store received 50. If you worked at Gamestop, your dumbass would know shipments vary based on sales and location. Durrrrr

OutLaw4251d ago

I have all the systems and think the PS3 is great so the only dumbass is you. As for gamestop I don't give a fnck where you live no place was getting more than 10, let alone 50! Not even in the original release of the 360 did gamestop get 50. So who do you think you're bullsh!tting? Get your lie together before making dumb responses.

cuco334250d ago

50 does seem a little far fetched. either the OP is fudging it or a ps3 fan working at gamestop preached the low demand. my friend picked #1 of 4 at a local SUPER busy gamestop. mind u we are in the tristate area surrounding nyc. something seems fishy if a GS that makes good business only gets 4 units as opposed to a regular shop getting 50. OP, where are you located? if what you say is true than it seems MS drastically messed up on elite distribution

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power of Green 4251d ago

At least the fanatics waited a few hour to flame. lol

Anego Montoya FTMFW4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

that`s actually pretty funny.

GaMr-4251d ago

Maybe everyone is not in a rush to trade in their Xbox360 for an Xbox360?

power of Green 4251d ago (Edited 4251d ago )

Is very intrested in MS dealings.

#1 was that your Elite you posted?, whats your gamer tag?.

bladestar: Yah i agree its best to wait to see what people say in real Xbox forums we'll know soon enough from real reports Loot Ninja's probably the only tool Fanatics could find to spite the 360 thus no other evidence from more Xbox populated credable sites.

Odion: Yah! somethings fishy about that guy and its not becasue im drinking beer eating Red Snapper.

Could Loot Ninja and pals be looking for a little attention in the spot light?, i think so.

sumfood4u4251d ago


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