Infinity Ward "Headhunting" Hackers

Koku Gamer writes: 'Infinity Ward is still on the prowl for hackers in Call of Duty 4 on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.'

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jessehaysfl3397d ago

maybe they are using cheap non-working nvg's to hunt hackers.

A HiFi3397d ago

Do I detect a hint of sarcasm or a whole lotta truth?

Arthur_3397d ago

Cause I theres a lot of that going on still.

A HiFi3397d ago

Can they detect that pretty much everywhere, it's gonna be hot?

Information Minister3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

This is nice to hear and all, but I spent the afternoon playing COD4 yesterday and people are hacking/cheating/glitching like there's no tomorrow. It's just crazy!

I want to see results! I still enjoy some "Modern Warfare" once in a while, but right now it looks more like the "Wild West".

DarkHawken3397d ago

Ive been sending the hackers a message just saying: "ban???"
They either leave the game which is good for the players in that game, or they send me a message back.
I then tell them how i will report them to infinity ward and that they ban ip addresses not accounts so they wont be able to make any more accounts.
Then they either stop it or leave.

Works for me!

RustInPeace3397d ago

What the hell is up with that video you have linked? It's funny as hell, but where did that come from?

uie4rhig3397d ago

hmm thx for the suggestion .. bubbles as well.. gonna be doing the same :)..

so well annoying you know.. it only recently became so bad.. before it didnt use to be like that hmm

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Ziriux3397d ago

Meh, if the game is popular people will find faults and take advantage of it.

A HiFi3397d ago

True, but the fact they are fixing it, instead of leaving it as they move onto Modern Warfare 2, is good.

Blaze9293397d ago

Yeah exactly. Infinity Ward could have EASILY abandoned the CoD4 audience in a way so that if you're tired of the hackers in CoD4, you would be forced to buy MW2. Instead of completely ignoring the issue they still show support for CoD4 which could make some possibly players continue to play CoD4 and not really need to get MW2.

table3397d ago

I'm just pleased the hackers didn't pick a good game to spoil ;)

A HiFi3397d ago

A bubble for that funny. =p

themyk3397d ago

where does all the modern warfare hate come from. is it just so you can seem cool. like when people hate on apple. like if something gets popular it's time to start hating on it?

i don't get it. i like cod4, i like killzone2, i'm gonna like modern warfare2, hell i liked [email protected], it wasn't the best but it was playable.

i just think it's weak how everybody all the sudden hates on cod4, i think it makes you look like a tool.

Qazdaz3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Alot of people I know went off it since playing killzone 2

themyk3397d ago

i havn't played it much sense killzone2 as well. but i wouldn't say it sucked.

i know killzone is better. but just cause a game comes out thats better doesn't mean it sucks.

i just think you guys are way too picky.

--joshua--3397d ago

opinions, man. opinions.

DiffusionE3397d ago

You're right, man. Can you imagine what would've happened if the hackers decided to pick on Hello Kitty Online Adventure instead of COD4? /end-of-sarcasm

".....embrace the over-priced Modern Warfare 2." NEVERRRRR!!!

table3397d ago

I had an hours session of CoD4 just there. I hadn't played it for a long time because I got bored with it a while back. Turns out theres a hacker in almost every game I enter. It actually puts MGO to shame for glitching now.

DiffusionE3397d ago

I encountered a serious hacker the other day. He couldn't die, no matter how much bullet, frag or knife he ate. That was the first time i've seen a god-mode hack used in an online game.

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djreplay3397d ago

I've jotted a few names down, wonder if i should send them in or give them the benifit of the doubt? Nah i think i'll stitch them up :)

A HiFi3397d ago

They show you no mercy djreplay. Do it now!

Max Power3397d ago

photo evidence not just a name, I think you can post it on the IW forums.

Toenado3397d ago

Personally I think anyone found cheating more than once should get a permanent PSN and Xbox Live ban.
Every cheater you come across in a forum complains how patches to fix a game and weekly bans are unfair, then they brag about how once their ban is over they go right back to cheating.

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themyk3397d ago

what is a headhunter hacker.

what is headhunting. i don't get it.

A HiFi3397d ago

To look for. They are actively seeking out hackers.

cyberwaffles3397d ago

headhunting is military jargon meaning they're going for headshots, taking out the problem/opposition permanently. usually a sniper would do head hunting. i'm sure it can be used for other meanings like tracking someone down or whatever, but i know i've heard it before in the marines and such.

kind of like how cluster F*** is technically a military idiom, but it can be used outside of it's natural usage for things in general that end up going really bad. or like how resistance 2's 60 player online can be a real "cluster F***"

sorry got off topic.

themyk3397d ago

how are people cheating at the game on consoles?

like getting under the map? thats all i've seen.

UltimateIdiot9113397d ago

You're not too familiar with the dark side of console gaming are you? It's quite easy to hack in CoD4 especially since it's easy to mod the 360. It's also kind of easy to hack CoD4 on the PS3 since IW seems to hate patching and updating CoD4 properly *cough*rumbletrophy*cough.

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