NY Times: Infamous Review

NY Times writes: "It was at least 200 feet down to the pavement from the power cable strung between the crumbling parapet I was hiding behind and the rooftop across the way, where five mutants were shooting at me with rocket launchers and energy rifles. I could have jumped - a little fall can't hurt me anymore - and sneaked around the back of the tower, but the shortest path between two points is a straight line, even here in the Warren, this fetid ghetto in the ruins of what used to be Empire City."

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sorceror1713422d ago

There's no one specific thing about it that hasn't been done elsewhere. (Open world, superpowers, 'morality system', etc.) Aside from the superlative control scheme, none of the technology is particularly groundbreaking. Solid crafstmanship, not revolutionary innovation.

But it's been said that perfection isn't when there's nothing left to add, but when there's nothing to take away. And inFamous all comes together. It's just plain *fun* and captures the experience of being a new superhero. It *works*. By the only measure of a game that really matters - fun - it's great.