Twilight "MMO" is a Fan Game

Koku Gamer writes: "Twilight: The Video Game, that was revealed less than week ago, is not an officially-endorsed product of the series, nor is it an MMO."

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Fullish3393d ago

Ouch, that'll teach the press for getting too excited.

A HiFi3393d ago

Yeah, I mean the fact that it was reported as a Twilight game and is now known as an unofficial fan game isn't too bad. But it's not even an MMO according to the site...

PirateThom3393d ago

That's even worse. It means they weren't being paid to make it.

A HiFi3393d ago

I'd have to agree with ya. For some reason, I can't shake the idea of Jumper: The Video Game receiving a re-skin and being released as Twilight: The Video Game.

WengYong3393d ago

I know I will hate this game. I detested the movie and a game now? I hope we never see this game, ever

A HiFi3393d ago

We will see an official Twilight game sometime soon without a doubt. It's gotta happen.

WengYong3393d ago

I would rather play Wii Sports and Viva Pinata than play Twilight. Wait I already play those games XP

Ziriux3393d ago

WTF! What am I going to do, run around with a pretty boy looking as fruity as possible. I think that games based on popular shows like the Ghost Whipperer should never see the day of light.

LeonSKennedy4Life3393d ago

Because that's nothing like Final Fantasy...

A HiFi3393d ago

It's not an MMO either. Surely they must know about the Ghostbusters's not going to work.

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The story is too old to be commented.