Xbox 360 Elite Prone to Same Problems as Others

We've had numerous reports coming in of users getting 3 red lights on their brand new Elite consoles this morning. While this is a daily occurrence with 360 Premium and Core systems, we thought Microsoft would have had a better handle on the situation with the Elite.

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kingofps34249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

I truly feel sorry for you guys.

uxo224249d ago

Although, I'm not saying that some people may be having some problems somewhere, with this article and that weak video, I smell a rat.

Vavoom4249d ago

After reading this article and looking at the video I too thought that it was BS. So I called microsoft xbox360 support twice (So I would get different people) and asked if they are getting 3 light problems with the 360 Elite. And I was told by both techs, they this is not true. And that they have actually not received any calls as of yet on this matter.

Hmmmm....who do I beleive?

marionz4249d ago

its funny really, sony fans would do anything to make 360 look bad
i know six (real) friends with 360's and never a problem, not even this scratched disc problem either
but its allways the sony fans who say they have friends with broken 360's?
tell a sony fan to check out the broken ps3 pages on the ps3 forums and what...they say they are faked by 360 owners? hmm funny
again yes there was problems with the origonal 360's and yes the production line was closed till the problem was fixed and yes there may be the odd hardware failure even now but why do sony fans bring up the past ike things havnt changed? and why are sony fans the ones in the know when it comes to MS products?
these problems arnt as wide spread as sony and sony fans would like everyone to believe, so get over the b1tching hateing and lieing and just enjoy playing games!

i thought my 360 was dead out of the box untill i realised i hadnt pluged it in properly!

DEIx15x84249d ago

Why is the USB door stuck open? Could it have been broken from abuse? When are people going to learn, the PS3 is know to be the best console for an abusive relationship this generation.

reaperxciv4248d ago

microsoft should fire their whole Q&A department

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hamburgerhill4249d ago

Yeah right sure! Some of these stories are just hilarious and makes you wonder what they will think of next to try and down play the competition with!

eques judicii4249d ago

ok, i'm going out on a limb and saying that the youtube video is faked (which is not too hard in this case) seeing as you don't see the screen to begin with and who knows if the xbox 360 he inserts the disk into is the one outputting to the screen? also, they don't show the disk before and after... overall its a lame video...

as for the 3 rings... this is the internet, anyone could email/call in claiming to have a broken 360... i'll wait and see what some of my friends say if they get one.

uxo224249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Another thing, why did the video just sit there and stare at the XBOX? Someone trying to prove a valid point would have first shown both sides of the disk, then after inserting it, they would have panned out and showed the xbox 360 try and load the disk on screen.

Better yet, why not record the entire process of the box booting, disk being loaded and unreadible screen done with the camera zoomed out. Look like Bullsh!t to me. It's sad that someone would go out of their way like this to create public caution just to substantiate their point.

Lastly, he never showed the that particular XBOX scratch the disk. In most cases when a disk gets scratched, it because they did something STUPID.

zantetsuken4249d ago

You are aware that MS admitted the 360 had problems and did, in fact, scratch discs. Right?

eques judicii4249d ago

that's the fifth time i've seen that same picture... now.. its not hooked up to a tv... this picture could be very easy to photoshop as well... take a picture of it off... then turn it on with the AV cable detached... then overlay the images so that the missing light (of the four) is not on... i mean really... where is this picture being taken?? a basketball court?

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power of Green 4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

This problem has nothing to do with 3 red lights!.

He should have tried to play more than one game and CDs than he should have took the Harddrive off after turning off and unpluging the 360 and then reattach the HDD then turn the console back on and see if it would have played the games; then only then would this faulty console claim would be credable. My Prem's drive failed this morning but the 360 can do whats in this video with out being broken. This is not proof to the fullest but i do think its real.

tehcellownu: untill you and your rabid followers come up with reports from real Xbox forums where the bulk of Xbox owners report problems Just STFU will ya!. Go find some credible facts from Xbox sites.

tehcellownu4249d ago

Its scratching the cds that more enough reason that its freaken faulty system and im sure the red lights of death will be lingering around to curse his console soon.why put another game in if its goin to scratch it again..i dont think its a bright idea to try every game will have nothin to play afterwards.. cuz all of it will be scratched up..haha..actually never mind you cant play it all since the hardware is dead never goin to get a 360 ill be damn to have it for a year and end up payin 140 dollars to fix then have to get it fix again and again and again..the 360 system is just unreliable.

Saint Sony4249d ago

Yep, I know you wont be buying xbox360. Reason: your dad/mom/granny or what ever wont give you any money. Go play with your pokemons kid.

power of Green 4249d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

Get use to it though the 360's rep is fuced from real problems and fanatic Sony fanboys and MS haters its not going to change untill the Sony movment changes popular opinion in Sonys favor and the PS3 out in front in the market. #1 you can make the 360 have 3 red lights at will. Hell i had a power surge three weeks ago and i had three red lights all i did was turn it off and on again and it worked. Theres no way to tell if these are real probblems or Sony supported attacks to spite MS's rep.

#3 agreed people must go through the steps and show them on video and go through all the remidies. Anybody that had a problem with 360 knows that other fixable things can cause these issues any body really upset enough about it would prove without doubt its broken and should go though ever step to insure us its indeed broken(show all the plugs are tight, take HDD off and re-attach) etc.


I decided this is BULLSHIT they would have done much more in showing all possibilites( more than one disc sample, removel of HDD etc. Have fun Sony fanatica although i doubt you'll change anything besides you onw comfort with the lack luster PS3.