Microsoft ramps up it's offensive against cheaters, hackers and nudists

The latest Major Nelson podcast has Stephen Toulouse, Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement chief, chatting about the rules and regulations around using Xbox Live as well as letting us know that they are really ramping up the protection level thanks to an increase in phishing and hacking attempts.

According to Stephen if you get caught hacking or phishing online now you will be banned from Xbox Live as well as your console receiving a life long ban and any other console you have used will also be included in that ban*. He then goes on to warn the violators that if the offense is serious enough then the punishment will not end there and they will be asking law enforcement to drop past your house and have a chat…

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shutupandplay3396d ago

HAHAHA xbox live! only little kiddies play here. Please, kids stay on live and let the adults enjoy their virtual lapdances in HOME.

Eiffel3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

It sounded like a "fanboy win" until you made it sound like a poor loser mans chance at ever getting a real lapdance. Virtual lapdance = loser. Whatever treats your left hand good I guess. Enjoy HOME..lmao.

N4G king3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

xbox security is bad
i know some ppl that got hacked xbox's (i mean the ones that play pirated games ) and still can log in xbox live
i know i know
the ps3 got some hackers problem with COD ( so did the xbox )
no one is online using a hacked ps3 console and pirated games

i really hope they fix this

TheMART3396d ago

"no one is online using a hacked ps3 console and pirated games "

Uh yes... Thats because the PS3 isn't hacked yet. Don't worry though, everything gets hacked in the end. It may go fast, within a couple of months it may last longer for a couple of years, but everything gets hacked in the end.

Also your precious PS3. Once it has released, it'll spread like wildfire.

Playing illegal games doesn't affect XBL online though, it affects maybe gamesales. But online, the game stays the same. Unlike those that try to hack the online system.

Like COD4 on the PS3 is totally unplayable because of hackers. I've yet experience something hacked so bad on XBL though. PSN's security is a much bigger problem here.

RockmanII73396d ago

Yea, it's true. I actually found out some guy found a flaw so big in a mac, that it is easier to hack a mac than a PC.

The Meerkat3396d ago

My 360 gives out so much heat that sometimes I do have the need to strip off.

I am Legend3396d ago (Edited 3396d ago )

POW !!!

Zedux3396d ago

yeah right! just like they did with Windows no more virus and totally secure, etc.! basically the 360 is structure just like a pc so MS can never stop piracy, cheaters, hackers, nudists, etc., you name it!

Kushan3396d ago

This article (particularly the title) is actually pretty misleading. I listened to that entire podcast last night and Stephen Toulouse never once said that they were "ramping up" anything.
In fact, what he actually said was that dealing with phishers doesn't take up a lot of time for his team, he just wanted people to be aware of how phishing scams tend to work and how Microsoft deals with it. Then he talked about how nudity on the Xbox Live Vision camera is dealt with (It's an instant ban if you're caught and has always been the case), how you can report people, etc. He didn't mention cheaters at all (nor does the article, but its title does?).
It was a public information broadcast, nothing more.

mastiffchild3395d ago

Honestly, I don't know how they got the story the way the did either-did they not listen at all or just made up what they liked.

More importantly, and I love you guys over the Atlantic most of the time, but what is it with the word "cheaters"? The word is "cheats" and it doesn't sound like something from the ursery playpen when you use the right one either.

That word is literally my biggest problem with the USA. You guys are better than this.

outlawlife3395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

just because you don't use it does not make it less viable

/ˈtʃitər/ Pronunciation [chee-ter]
1. a person or thing that cheats.
2. cheaters, Slang.

JonnyBadfinger3396d ago

Does this mean im not allowed to play nude no more?

Cause last summer here in Australia it was killer 45 degrees Celsius and i spent quite alot of the summer nude, while playing xbox live.

Or are they talking web cams, cause i aint got one and dont have the intelligence, brain power or time to hack a xbox.

But i have been suspended from xbox live twice for "Offensive" material in my motto and bio. So maybe i better think twice before i do it again.

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