DSi update crushes flash card compatibility

Nintendo is continuing to take action in the piracy scene. Their latest step towards prevention involves a DSi firmware update.

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The_Zeitgeist3395d ago

Hey thats really cool for Nintendo for a few months. Until someone figures out how to hack it.

Mo0eY3395d ago

I give it two weeks or so.

badz1493395d ago

hackers will find another way to hack the DSi. I'll bet for under a month! Sony on is also having problem with PSP 3000 with it already hacked! I think Sony is trying to reset the piracy problems of the PSp with Go! all the best for them though...

Digitaldude3395d ago

After all there tricks and dev's anti piracy tricks, still unsuccessful.
Pirates always win it seems.

badz1493395d ago

I say this because it is waaay easier to hack what people made than to come out with an unhackable device!

Sony is doing an excellent job keeping the PS3 pirated-free at the moment but that gamble comes with a hefty price! BD is still not a mainstream media and the games' size are way to big thus the viability of any form of hack for the PS3 is very low! the 360 and Wii, PSP, DS (not to mention PS1 & PS2) are all hacked and pirated games are sold everywhere in many countries as well as mine! everytime I am looking for a game, the store owners over here always ask me why I chose the PS3 which has no pirated games over 360 or Wii. I just told them, I'm happy with my PS3! I don't know if I can resist when the time the PS3 is hacked comes! ergarding that, I'm on the fence!

Kushan3395d ago

Piracy is an unfortunate side effect of the efforts from people to truly unlock the potential of these devices.

tehReaper3395d ago

Good thing I have a lite. Piracy is bad for companies but not everyone uses these flashcards for pirated games.

I, myself, use my CycloDS Evolution for games I own that I don't feel like lugging around with me, music, homebrew, and movies. There's a lot more to these flashcards than just playing pirated games.

Mr.Mister3395d ago

i have r4 and i only download game impossible to find and game that is comming out soon like kindom heart 358/2, castlevania and all that. kindom heart i recommend to buy to any kingdom heart fan. im buying mine as soon as it come out.

cyberwaffles3395d ago

yeah, it's almost too easy to pirate the DS. i was at a friend's house one time and i remembered he bought like a microSD card and he plugged it into his laptop. went to a website full of DS games (even the newly released games) and popped it right back into his DS. i remember watching him play some crazy rhythmic game on the DS and i was like "didn't this game just come out yesterday? when did you buy it?" he was like, "didn't you see me go to the website? i just downloaded it."

feel sad for the whole piracy thing but i got to admit it's fun getting free games.

lizard812883395d ago (Edited 3395d ago )

^ pirating is too easy, not just for the DS. you could just go to google and type, say, DVD series vol 1+download, and you'll find it, in like the 1st few, links.
well, there are some games that can't be played on the flash cards, or take a while to figure out how to, like TWEWU. that had a freeze bug in it, in like the 1st few cutscenes, when you met beat, anyway, theres only 2 ways to get past that, open/close your DS really fast, or use the unlock all paths code, so you can just walk into the area your suppose too and skip the cutscene. it seems more Devs are making these freezes too, hackers either fix it by unpacking the game, or patching it, or not fixed at all, like one of the bleach DS games, when every time it loads up, it says data is corrupted. maybe the Devs should be doing more stuff like that, instead of nintendo.

although its only a matter of time before the hackers fix this, remember when they said the DSi will stop the r4 cards? they did, for a while, even before the DSi came to America, they already had the R4i working on the DSi. so i guess it doesn't take that long.