Grand Slam Tennis Wii review (The Wiire)

"Grand Slam Tennis is the second MotionPlus-supported game to come out of EA Sports. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 was a huge success, creating one of the most realistic golf simulators across any platform. Although Grand Slam Tennis definitely delivers a very realistic game of tennis, it's far from perfect. Based solely on the time of the review, you can imagine the amount of wrestling I've done with the title. At times, I would have easily given the game an A, yet other times a C+ would have been generous. I'll get into why further into the review.

...At the end of the day, I can't ignore the control issues and the somewhat glitchy online behavior. If you're one that can look past the rough edges though, you are sure to find hours of enjoyment. I'm really looking forward to where EA Sports takes this franchise in the future."

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