Gaming Union: Fat Princess Review

Gaming Union writes "Fat Princess is a stellar downloadable title that offers far more than expected. There is plenty to do in both an offline and online capacity - especially online - and it's easy to find hours being whittled away while enjoying the fun, yet frantic gameplay in the various modes that are available. In terms of character, Fat Princess has it in droves. The basic concept of the game is borderline ludicrous and it's fantastic! This game is definitely worth checking out if only for the comedy value."

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ShawnCollier3335d ago

Gonna get this once I get a PS3 eventually, since it is delicious cake, and I must eat it.

Kyll3335d ago

Theres a made for Sony commercial xD. "You can have your cake and eat it...onlyonplaystation3!~" ;

Selyah3335d ago

@ Kyll

Hehe, yeah that is indeed genius.

Nineball21123335d ago

Been playing it off and on all weekend... Just an all around fun game. Definitely worth the price of admission

mephman3335d ago

Yea, for sure. Definitely loads of content there.

mephman3335d ago

Glad to hear it, hopefully they sort out the small lag issues though.

_vx3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

this game is fockin fun i wish they make more of these games

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