MSN: 10 Games We Want To See Remade For The New Motion Controllers.

Why come up with all new game experiences when there are tons of classic games and franchises just begging to be remade for this new generation of controllers? Here's a quick list of some games we want to see brought back for some motion-controlled fun.

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RememberThe3573396d ago

And the original 1080 Snowboarding would be pretty sick too.

qface643396d ago

DDR and motion controls no thanks DDR should just focus on what its always been then again DDR isn't the same anymore

Digitaldude3396d ago

And motion rock band is pretty much wii music.

witchking3396d ago

I don't think that was what he was suggesting. I think he's suggesting that IN ADDITION TO USING YOUR GUITAR/DRUMS/MIC CONTROLLERS, that Rock Band or GH should also be able to give you points for motions you may use while playing (i.e., bunny hops or spins or whatever).

Tony P3396d ago

I'm surprised those aren't terrible ideas. It would be VERY nice indeed to get a home version of Police 911.

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