News10: The Top-Ten Konami Games of All Time

In 1969 Konami was founded as a jukebox rental and repair business out of Osaka, Japan. Four years later, the company changed its business model towards manufacturing arcade "amusement machines", though its first actual product wouldn't see an arcade until 1978. Fast-forward three years and 1981 finds Konami's first major arcade success with Frogger. The rest (as the cliché) goes is history.

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BlackIceJoe3418d ago

There are some nice games listed. I am bummed to see no Snatcher or Policenauts love. I also am shocked to see no Zone of the Enders or Suikoden. Though at the same time its hard to just make a top ten list because Konami has so many great games.

umair_s513418d ago

Horrible list, MGS series not 1st = automatic fail