Celebrating the Rise of Level 5

It's no big secret that releasing a flood of new IP isn't exactly the highest priority for most Japan-centric game publishers right now. Even harder to imagine is the prospect of potential new franchises actually doing reasonably well from a sales perspective, while bringing something new to the table.

One need only look to the weekly Japanese sales charts provided by Media Create to see what does and doesn't sell. Unlike the U.S. market where a game can debut at 35,000 units sold and steadily sell at that rate for the next few months to eventually hit a million, the fate of new releases in Japan can often be deciphered by observing performance during the first two weeks. In other words, if it doesn't have a big opening, don't expect it to have long legs.

This is often the case with games in Japan that aren't part of some long-running series that the Japanese gaming community associates with the silver years of the country's game development scene.

Astounding then, that an up and coming publisher like Level-5 - far from the 320-pound* gorillas like Square Enix and Capcom - could not only introduce two new IPs in Japan in these past three years, but also successfully spin them off into other forms of media.

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alster233396d ago

im proud that sony has a loyal jrpg studio now all they need is a loyal wrpg studio

RememberThe3573396d ago

Rouge Galaxy and Dragon Quest 8. That is why I have so much faith in WKC, no matter the review.

Rainstorm813396d ago

Rouge Galaxy was a great game. It put Level 5 on my radar im just waiting for White knight Chronicles.

sigh......never thought it could be too many games.

Kamikaze1353396d ago

Online RPG similar to MMORPG games with tons of quests
Village creation
World Creation

I can't wait for this game to get a US release. After Rougue Galaxy and Dragon Quest VIII, I've been dying for a current gen Level 5 game.

TotalPS3Fanboy3396d ago

I know. Level 5 truely supports their game.

Kain813396d ago

They are developed by Level 5

nycredude3396d ago

Feck I can't wait for WKC!!!! Thank Atlas I will have Demon's Souls to satiate my RPG need until then!

Not to mention UC2, R&C, if the rumors of Gt5 is true then I can wait. Dam the first quarter of 2010 is looking like dogs bullocks!

GOW3, Heavy Rain, WKC, What else am I missing?

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dimitry213396d ago

I'm a big fan of level 5 cant wait for white knight.

UltimateIdiot9113396d ago

Same here but I'm more excited for Professor Layton 2 and dying for 3.

Raf1k13396d ago

Same here. I love the professor but will also pick up WKC day one if it's coming to the UK else I'll have to import.

-Mezzo-3396d ago

They sure have made great games in the past and the new White Knight game looks awesome.

-Mezzo-3396d ago

WKC developed by LEVEL 5 exclusively on PLAYSTATION 3 .lol.

rukia_chan3396d ago

cant wait for release of na version... ;)

Hellsvacancy3396d ago

I cant wait 4 the release of the Eu version :-)

-Mezzo-3396d ago

I can't wait for all the version i just wanna see how the critic's receives it.

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The story is too old to be commented.