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Lens flare. Water effects. Bloom lighting and high dynamic range imaging. Breast physics. Over the decade or so that I've been attending E3, these have been some of the features that have taken their turn in the great-minds-think-alike spotlight. What trend would bring home the 2009 E3 Breast Physics Award For Shared Inspiration? Would it be hi-def kart racing games, like Joy Ride for Xbox 360 or Mod Nation Racers for PlayStation 3? What about Facebook integration, as promised at this year's show by both Microsoft and Nintendo? Could it be interactive painting (Sony and Microsoft) or archery (Sony and Nintendo)?

In the end, the most potent trend on display was the unabashed embrace of alternative interfaces: Microsoft's Project Natal, Sony's Wand and Nintendo's Wii Vitality Sensor.

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Nice!!! it looks like the guy in the image is threatening me somehow lol.