id Responds to Rage PS3 Concerns

Following up on word that, at this stage in development, the Xbox 360 version of Rage runs faster than the PlayStation 3 build, new details have surfaced, indicating PS3 owners should have nothing to worry about when the game is eventually released.

"We are committed to ensuring that gamers on all platforms have a great RAGE experience," developer id said of the "ruckus" in a Twitter update.

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GWAVE3397d ago

I'll know it when I see it. Until then, let the fanboy"speculation& quot; journalism continue.

lociefer3397d ago

why did they even had to state that, they shoulve kept their mouth shut until the release,+ there better not be a flat texture on my ps3 version , i love id games and i wanna get this on my ps3

Bnet3433397d ago

I think I'll play it safe and wait for reviews for both versions see what people say.

GarandShooter3397d ago

Exactly, lociefer, why would they make a statement that they'll eventually have to retract, or at least have to do damage control for?

I guess the words were flying before the brain could stop it.

Jaces3397d ago

If that's the case then why the hell would he comment on something so stupid and irrelevant, saying this version will run better when in fact the damn game isn't even finished yet.

mastiffchild3397d ago

Iociefer, Jaces and Co-I know. Carmack has been tying himself in knots trying to appease the fanboys on all sides of the divide all through Rage's dev process. First the reduction of game world and why, then going on about lead platform, then the PS3 version isn't up to speed and now more damage control that should never have been needed if he had kept schtum anyway!

The game looks cool, mind, and if iD can keep away from the contradictory statements maybe we can all stop worrying and go back to just thinking about the bloody game, no?

XDF3397d ago

Didn't the developer of Ghostbusters said the same thing?

Lets wait till the game is out before we jump to conclusion.

PirateThom3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

He didn't say any version was going to be "better".

He said, at the time, the 360 and PC versions were 60fps and the PS3 was 30fps because of the way they had the split the work load on the PS3.

The 360 has always been ahead in development on Rage, but at no point in the interview did he say the PS3 version would stay at that, just that it was behind at the moment in time.

@XDF - No, the developer of Ghostbusters said the PS3 version would be the best and it would rid the world of Terrorism and AIDS.

Greywulf3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

1. Games are released, IGN/Gamespot says its fine and the same. 7/10
2. Beyond3d scans, PS3 has less AA when you zoom in, and a texture that is blury in one corner.
3. Bloodmask will post the find on N4G.
4. Everyone will pretend they are buying some definitive game of the season(see Pure,GRID,and every single off road racing title that sucks compared to motorstorm2 both gameplay & visually) Im sure the FPS part wont top KZ2.. just a stretch though..
5. Motorstorm2 & Killzone2 runs better/looks better. Still.
6. People ignore the fact that all ps3 versions of multiplat type titles all perform and look better, which erodes any argument about a consoles potential power(since all anyone has seen from the 360 is the unreal engine and uh. what was it... ghostbusters?)
7. The servers of said off-road game will be empty within a week due to the next expansion of some FPS or new shooter, and that the game was low rated to begin with.
8. Everyone will wait for the next multiplatform game to prove that the PS3's titles still run circles around the industry as we know it. But that when its in the hands of people that don't know how to use it, it runs a little worse than the full effort of the 360. Or they will ignore that truth depending on which side of the fanboy fence they are... either way

rinse & repeat.

SupaPlaya3397d ago

anything that compares the two consoles can be taken out of context. Unless all the multiplat devs claim that all versions are equal at any point of their development, you can't really stop the fanboys from turning nothing into something.

So basically to the devs: if someone asks you for the status of a multiplat game development all you are allowed to say is:

both version are currently equal.

I don't believe they said it to isolate one camp or to make sure PS3 gamers will feel gimped and not buy their games. They were telling the truth, then this.

GameForFame3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

I dont see id dropping something that is drastically inferior on the PS3, but that doesn't stop people from jumping on every little thing. No release date even for the game and people are acting like it's coming out tomorrow and "teh ps3 is d00med"

La Chance3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

I'm a PS3 owner and I'm not concerned at all because as usual..."I'll get it for PC" :D

RememberThe3573397d ago

You hit the nail on the head. He was letting us in on how things are going right now, you guys need to stop getting so butt hurt off of all this.

@La Chance: Go to sleep...

PixlSheX3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

I'm a PS3 owner and I'm not concerned at all because as usual... I'll save the money for another game..

OnlyOnN4G3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Well the the E3 build of GoW3 ran at 720p but the final retail build will run at 1080p, so i dont see why by the time of release, RAGE wouldnt be running at 60fps, especially as they have a team dedicated to the PS3 version

IdleLeeSiuLung3397d ago

Why do developers say stuff like this and then have to do damage control later on? Isn't it better to keep your mouth shut!

Lich1203397d ago

Because people like to hear from devs on how things are going. It's interesting. Aside from N4G and a few other sites, this sort of comment doesn't always degrade into a fanboy squabble.

Tony P3397d ago

I'm starting to believe "Rage" is the perfect name for this game.

phosphor1123397d ago

even when Carmack said that the textures on the 360 version flickered as you moved closer and farther away. While the PS3 version ran at around 20-30 fps. But we know how this "journalism" works. You pick and choose what you like.

Lawliet3397d ago

C'mon, obviously someone force him to make all these up or his just trying to hype up the game since we haven got any news about it for months! Think about it, when was the last time PS3 games ever got a slow loading? What do you think the long mandatory installation was for? Unless Carmack boy want to say he ain't gonna use that, then everything might have make sense that his an idiot!

Alvadr3397d ago

Serously they should have thought about what they were saying in the first place...

How did they expect blood thirsty childish fanboys to react when you say something is better on one console than another...

I think it could have been planned to spread awareness of the new engine and build up hype

LoVeRSaMa3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

We all know how much of a 360 fanboy Carmack is, he was rooting the 360 right before development, and was dissopointed that it had to but pushed onto more then 1 disc for it...

Now we find out that the PS3 version isn't as good, even though numerous developers have proven that the PS3 versions can easily outshine on multi plat.

Something tells me that the same amount of effort was not applied to both versions, or that the developers lack skill, the name "Vale" comes into play when I read this article and it refers to Carmack.

3397d ago
JsonHenry3397d ago

So people are angry with Carmack for being honest? I am not understanding what the problem is here. He said it was behind (at the moment) but it will be on par when the final product launches.

So what is the fuss about?

Poopface the 2nd3397d ago

The guy was being honest. Unlike you, he doesnt care about fanboy bickering. We all know the game isnt close to done. He says it will run at 60 FPS as well. How about you call him a liar if the final product isnt up to par.

I guess you would all rather have him lie right up to release day. Now that we know this he will probably let us know when the ps3 version is running at 60FPs.

Who cares what he says anyways, if he cant deliver on ps3 he will be labeled "lazy, stupid and a failure" by the fanboys.

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-Mezzo-3397d ago

I do not care which version is better, i just want the game to deliver gameplay wise.

badz1493397d ago

many out there will think otherwise! when it comes to exclusive, if it doesn't look good, they will say, gameplay is more important but in terms of multiplat, gameplay comes 2nd, superior gfx comes 1st! that's what I learned from N4G but still don't know weather that's a good lesson or not!

but the dev shouldn't just come out and spit the differences for any mean if they are trying to make all versions look and play the same - be it storage problem or programming problem because it will surely sparks a fanboys war! but I do understand that RAGE devs desire an amount of hype for their game is like moving under the radar of many gamers and media for so long now and fanboys war is 1 of the cheapest method of HYPE! just look from now on, they will come more frequent with the updates of their game until they release it later! they desperately want attention! anybody can quote me on that!

-Mezzo-3397d ago

I agree with you, this is nothing more then a marketing strategy. well said.

raztad3397d ago

Agree about the gameplay, I just hope it doesnt suck, Carmack last games have been far from stellar.

I'm expecting Rage to be a decent looking game, nothing to brag about regardless the platform. Do you remember the infamous MAGATEXTURE? it was used in Quake Wars.

I'm much more excited about Doom 4. Dark claustrophobic corridor games is what Carmack does best.

SaberEdge3397d ago

I just read the Rage feature in GameInformer and the game sounds really good to me. And nobody with eyes can deny that the graphics are some of the best we have seen.

raztad3397d ago


OK. I bet you those screens are from the PC version. Furthermore, you always can make good looking screens (textures and some static lightning) but the real game, running at decent speed (60fps/720p is not a easy task, look at MW2), with full AI, dynamic lighting, particle effects, everything ON at the same time is other thing. There are too many ways for this game to reach 60 fps, I'm assuming textures will be high quality (megatextures), sub-hd resolutions is one of them. Few to none effects, poor collision detection, etc etc.

Lets hope id doesnt pull another Quake Wars.

Nineball21123397d ago

@ Saber... I agree with you. I think the screenshots I've seen look pretty good and I'm really interested in this game.

I really hope the PS3 version isn't gimped and I can't imagine it will be.

Anyways... the premise of the game seems really cool to me. I'll be definitely checking this one out.

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-Mezzo-3397d ago

If the people working on Rage are lazy ass like most developers then only PS3 version will suffer other then that it would/should be as good as any other.

360 man3397d ago

i shall be getting the superior 360 version

DelbertGrady3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Lazy developers!! When's the last time id software made a good game? Who needs multiplat games when you have GT5, MAG and Unsharted 2 coming out!? NOT ME CRAPBOTZ!!!

I'll be getting the superior PC version and play it on full settings on my gaming rig.

JonnyBadfinger3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

LOL ^^^

Unsharted 2.

the PS3 thought it was gunna fart but it then turned into a crap and then turned out to be just nothing. Lol this guy just gave all the 360 fanboys a new name for the Uncharted franchise, and its a good one.

PS3 fanboys really are good at making up ridiculous names, they seem to roll right out of your mouths.... consistently

commodore643397d ago

lol @ soda

That's some righteous sarcasm there....
basically sums up the expected ps3 fanboy response.

clever. bubbles.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3397d ago

.___.......___......___....._ __
||.....||....||.....||...||.. ...||..||.....\\
||___||....||___||..||...... ||..||......\\
||......\\...||.....\\..||... . ||..||.......||
||.......||..||......||..||__ _||..||___// AGAIN!!! ;-D

commodore643397d ago



right on cue... rrod comment.
Like clockwork.

Alcon Caper3397d ago

The AAA titles on the PS3 are subsidized by SEC. Killzone had a SIXTY-MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET ($60,000,000.00). Naughty Dog also gets money for Uncharted and Rachet and Clank.

Is the reason really LAZY devs? Or is it the reason stated time and time again by developers: We simply don't have the resources to make it better. When you're dealing with a budget and timeline, you can't just put in 150 hours a week just because some N4G snot nosed kid thinks the devs are lazy.

When you have delay after delay with Sony's bottomless bank account, those "untouchable" AAA games are made.

But don't blame it on the devs, for christ sake. Blame Sony for subsidizing games that are unattainable by unsubsidized companies.

GiantEnemyCrab3396d ago

Alcon: I think you are on to something right there. Nice one.

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jack who3397d ago

sonys fan hoping for the best

360 fans loling

shutupandplay3397d ago

Yep, another superior multiplat on 360. *yawn* big surprise.

jack who3397d ago

599 us $
599 us $
599 us $
599 us $

talltony3397d ago

U guys are funny. Does everyone forget that they said the 360 version had a hard time wit the textures because of the space issues of DVD 9?
I swear u guys only talk about what u want.

-MD-3397d ago

Dude you think you know what you're talking about but you're seriously clueless.

You don't know anything about programming
You don't know anything about developing a game
You don't know A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

talltony3397d ago

Lol studying computer programming in school and goin by what Id said. Lol I think your the one that's cluless. Your just a 18 year old bot backing a system and u have no idea why. Grow up! DVD 9 will hurt the 360 version in the end and u know it! Or maybe u dnt cause ur in denial.

1ikedamaster3397d ago

Reminds me of Madden 08... 30 vs 60 frames.

cereal_killa3397d ago

"In an interview with Shacknews, id's John Carmack reiterated that the Xbox 360 version of Rage will look worse than the PlayStation 3 version.

Carmack said that the uncompressed build of Rage encompasses a terrabyte of data, and that id will need to use a "different type of compression" to fit the game on two dual-layer Xbox 360 DVDs.

When asked whether the difference will be significant, Carmack noted that "hero shots" should look similar, but that Xbox 360 players might find a rock that is more blurry when exploring the periphery of Rage's world."

"Carmack did acknowledge that the PS3 version will look slightly better due to more storage space for high-resolution textures, thanks to Blu-ray Disc’s 50GB capacity. “All of the key scenes, the things anyone is going to take a screenshot of are going to look exactly the same on both platforms. They’ll get the high quality compression,” said Carmack. “But if you go into some areas in the wasteland, like behind a fence where nobody will typically go and explore, this is where the 360 version may look a little blurry compared to the PS3.”


"In a Quake-Con 08 interview with the GameTrailers crew, John Carmack (lead genius behind the engines of id Software) was talking about console development.

He said that while the PS3 is harder to develop for (you spend more time separating the work and collaborating with all 8 processors) it is much better than “back in the day”. He did admit that Xbox 360 software development was easier, but that the DVD requirement will “require some quality consessions” in order to even get their game on 3 DVDs, but they will likely be forced to get it onto 2 DVDs at most by Microsoft.

An interesting note is how much it costs to add a DVD to your game; Microsoft charges you an “erroneous licensing fee” just to make it painful to do, so most folks will just over-compress their game assets and call it a day instead of paying a few hundred thousand extra (I’m guessing that is how much it costs).

I guess he has issues with both systems poor little Muppet's.

Boty3397d ago

at you guys...

Jack Who says: $599, $599,$599...

while he fails to consider: Ps3 has many great games coming out that you can't get on the Xbox 360 console and the Reliability that comes with the ps3.

Now correct me If I'm wrong but aren't you suppose to play games on a Video game console not price?.....

...NAAAA, what was I thinking. games, on a video game console. Thats ludicrous.

talltony3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

Why dnt you read cereal killas Post and EAT IT! All I gotta say is that my disagrees dnt change the facts! You guys must be feelin so salty right now.

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vagisil3397d ago (Edited 3397d ago )

enjoy ya rage slide show ps3 owners.

edit- to piratethom- yet it still can't outsell the 360. sorry but i have to ask what exactly are you looking for for the ps3 the rest of '09? all you droids have left this year is uncharted 2. i for one don't give 2 sh1ts about the 30th ratchet game.

you better hope thom next year the ps3 games actually do get released then. next year looks like the 360 is going to dump all over the ps3rd.

ps3 games for the rest of 09 that are worth it
uncharted 2
.can't think of nothing else.

360 releases to come
halo odst
forza 3 (thank god it has a release date)
shadow complex
section 8

i know i know you guys will get those on the pc, whatever then that means you will be playing ya pc's more than ya ps3rd's.

and to think i thought piratethom was better than morganfell, silly me. you and the rest of the droids belong together, in a rubber room with a straight jacket on, since you have totally lost your minds since sony isn't dominant anymore.

poor droids.

to jack who and the rest of you all, don't argue with pirate thom, he is just being a stupid drunk droid.