4 Things Microsoft Got Wrong With the Xbox 360 This Generation

Badassgamerblog: "This console generation has seen various new things from both Sony and Microsoft, with the latter bringing social integration to a whole new level with Xbox Live. However both console manufacturers are guilty of making bad decisions this article sheds light on a few howlers done by the Microsoft camp."

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GWAVE2943d ago

Interesting article. The author definitely points out some good things. It's even more interesting to realize that simply dumping tons of $$$ into the problems has actually worked out pretty well for Microsoft. Then again, some might scream conspiracy (bribing the media, etc), but I won't go there.

The_Darkest_Red2943d ago

Flamebait. I only have a PS3 and I still hate articles like this.

AntMad2943d ago


But we most also realise that had MS just fixed these problems, they may have made more money in the long run.

GWAVE2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

@ Darkest_Red

"Flamebait" might be if the article was titled "4 things Microsoft got wrong and Sony did right", but even that is a stretch. And what does it matter if you own one console or another? Does owning a 360 make me love it? Does owning a Wii make me support everything Nintendo does?

IdleLeeSiuLung2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

I mean after all, they spend at least 10-15 writing something....

Let's see how this article fails:

"#1: Choosing DVD over Blu-Ray"

Fair enough, but there are ways around it with multiple discs. The alternative is to price the 360 the same way PS3 did since a large portion of the Blu-Ray drive is what made it cost so much. Estimated cost in 2006 was around $100 for the optical system per unit. This is not to mention the fact that Blu-Ray standard wasn't even finalized in 2005 when the 360 was released. Why sell an over priced device that might not even be fully compliant when you can work around the issue?

"#2: Not fixing the Red Ring Of Death ASAP"

So let me get this straight, a company that barely profits of the product sold at the time as a future return on investment won't fix a problem as soon as possible when it is costing them millions up millions of dollar for fixing and issuing additional warranty. Believe me, MS would fix it sooner if they could! Any moron can see that!!!

"#3: Focusing too much on the Multiplatform games"

Although I agree that exclusive titles are nice and more the merrier, what is wrong with multi platform games? Clearly they sell well and I enjoy plenty of them. To say that other exclusives aren't worth mentioning is ludicrous, as Halo Wars was a great game and sold better than KZ2 out of the gate. Not to say that KZ2 wasn't a great game since I own it and I actually don't own Halo Wars. Make out of that what you want.

"#4: Not Including a standard HDD on the Arcade Model"

What is given in the Arcade package is enough to do everything the PS2 and the Wii (except for motion control) is capable of. It's two competitors in that segment. Furthermore, you can upgrade it at a later date.

I have to point out this:

"Making anyone who purchased one of these basically unable to play most games, download game demos or any content what so ever, how is that a way to promote your system?"

Notice, how he says unable to play MOST games. What games can you not play without a hard drive? Yeah, I thought so. There is like one or two game that require it.

Furthermore, ask the developer if they prefer more people have the console or if they prefer trading that share in for a hard drive....

I do agree that there are mistakes MS made, but the way these are presented are NOT IT!

The_Darkest_Red2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

I'm mentioning I have a PS3 so everyone will know I'm not just sticking up for the 360 in flamebait articles. Is this so hard to understand?

And yes, while I will admit I have seen far worse articles, this is still flamebait. Anything about what someone has done "wrong" or how they will "win" or "lose" the console war is just asking for fanboys to start partying.

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N4PS3G2943d ago

May i ask..why does this site tries to be about all consoles..they obviously don't post anything that isn't God of War and PS3.

jack who2943d ago

#1: Choosing DVD over Blu-Ray

boo ray slow read rate+ mandatory install too hdd too speed load time up.

#2: Not fixing the Red Ring Of Death ASAP

3 year warranty

#3: Focusing too much on the Multiplatform games

thats why multiplatform look and run better on 360

#4: Not Including a standard HDD on the Arcade Model

xbox 1? anyone?

talltony2943d ago

Man bro I swear you are just full of excuses. lol your excuses made my day!

jack who2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

would like you too prove me wrong

edit: i dont remmeber saying the 360 had no problme

ALL_STAR_282943d ago

Yep the 360 is just the perfect machine with no problems and Microsoft got nothing wrong with it.... =D


How ignorant are you to think that 360 has no problems? In reality everything has problems and it looks like you got a few of your own that you should work out before posting on N4G again... ;)

Mo0eY2943d ago

#1: Choosing DVD over Blu-Ray
Blu-ray is surpassing DVD in sales - DVD9 also limits your games (case in point: Final Fantasy 13)

#2: Not fixing the Red Ring Of Death ASAP
Microsoft had plenty of time to fix this problem. In fact, they even knew about it before launch. They should've taken the time to perfect their hardware.

#3: Focusing too much on the Multiplatform games
Multiplatforms do not sell consoles, exclusives do.

#4: Not Including a standard HDD on the Arcade Model
Sony's Playstation 3 always had a HDD. It should be mandatory as they strongly support digital distribution.

Conclusion: Microsoft was looking for a cheap way into this generation offering a year's head start on the competition. Consumers looked at the Xbox 360 as the first hi-def system and jumped on it. Little did they know that the console they purchased would give them scratched discs or three red rings. Microsoft was in it for the money from the get-go. Had they waited to perfect their system (included HD-DVD, a HDD, fixed the hardware issues), I'm sure several other people here would not be so quick to judge Microsoft's console.

jack who2943d ago

Blu-ray is surpassing DVD in sales - what does sale of dvd movie have too do with gaming?

Microsoft had plenty of time to fix this problem. In fact, they even knew about it before launch. They should've taken the time to perfect their hardware.- which i agree with but it isnt like they did do ANYTHING about it.

Multiplatforms do not sell consoles, exclusives do.- doesnt look like that true this gen cuzz the ps3 is in last place

Sony's Playstation 3 always had a HDD. It should be mandatory as they strongly support digital distribution.- the xbox 1 had any hdd standard which was one of the reasons for its down fall(same looks like it going for the ps3)

Persistantthug2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

Microsoft addressed the RROD kicking and screaming. It wasn't like they gave their 3 year warranty out of the kindness of their hearts. They did it because they were getting pummeled with media attention and class action lawsuits.

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DevastationEve2943d ago

I don't agree with the bluray thing, bluray sells movies. Its use for games has only been to keep a large game on a single disc and for media in the game (like lossless audio and higher bitrate video). It doesn't make games look or play any better.

Sure I guess having bluray in the end really only would've added to Xbox 360's value, no question there.

NaiNaiNai2943d ago

actually thats very true, most games actually suffer from the 2X read speed. thats why they have the installs.

PirateThom2943d ago (Edited 2943d ago )

How many PS3 games have major installs anymore apart from Crapcom games which install practically the whole game?

NaiNaiNai2943d ago

Not many anymore. It was more a issue of the devs learning. Look Im not saying its all Required I know its not. But it is kind of annoying on the old games to have to install. But I still have a feeling that larger graphic house games will still need the installs.

LordMarius2943d ago

Not having any good games