Madden 10 Spoilers - Opening Cinematic, and Full Game Menus

So it seems that Marc Ecko got an early copy of Madden 10; almost 14 days before shipping!!

This video clip shows footage of him playing the game, revealing what the opening cinematic is, and full game menus. Good shots of the instruction manual "Pro-Tak" feature as well. This is for the hardcore Madden lovers who can't wait for the game to be out!

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Alcohog3395d ago

I got an early copy too, it's called Madden 2007. Ziiiiiiiing!

Cwalat3395d ago

lol, since when did a sports game have anything that needed spoiler alerts?

Dead_Cell3395d ago

Following footage may include Footballs.

Lord_Ranos3395d ago

anyone notice that the STATISFYING thing on the loading looks like the CHOCOLATE SNICKERS DESIGN.

-Mezzo-3395d ago

Totally you've got a sharp eye mate, i see a lawsuit coming EAs way.

-Mezzo-3395d ago

I never knew that sports sims also required Spoiler Alerts Warnings.

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