onCAST Episode 6 - Cake Please!

On this episode both Ronnie and Andreas have been playing Fat Princess and so far other then the lag its all love for it, also been playing some Monkey Island for the iPhone, Battlefield 1943, Race Pro and Rainbow Six Vegas. For news we discuss RAGE running at 30 FPS on PS3 and 60 FPS on 360, Playstation 3's now cheaper to manufacture, Xbox LIVE Preview Update, and more!

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Uncle Rico3393d ago

Great episode...keep it up guys

RonyDean3393d ago

Thanks for the feedback!

dernkuhn3393d ago

That is some good stuff. It is amazing how something so cute can end up so ugly and fat.

RonyDean3393d ago

Must be some amazing magical cake for that to happen to someone. I feel bad for the princesses... NOT!