Top 10 Greatest NES Games Of All Time That Weren't Made By Nintendo

Bitmob writes:

"It can be argued that the Nintendo Entertainment System was the greatest console ever made. It revived the failing game industry after Atari almost destroyed it and introduced us to characters that have become video game icons. As such, it's no surprise that the system housed some of the best games ever. Some of our favorite games started their lives on the NES and even more games have been remade for new audiences over the world.

In honor of the NES and its massive library, I've highlighted ten of the system's best games. A quick primer: The games picked could not be made by Nintendo. No Marios, Zeldas, or Metroids. Nintendo's games could fill their own list and I've decided to put them in the hall of fame. I want to show games that were amazing on their own and not part of the House of Miyamoto.

The games also have to still be fun today. A lot of games are remembered with rose-tinted glasses and are not as fun as we like to think they are. Every game picked is just as fun today as it was when it was released."

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BlackIceJoe3394d ago

Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers and Duck Tales were great games. I so would love to see Capcom be able to bring them on Live Arcade, WiiWare and PSN. Those games I would buy so fast. There is so many great classic Capcom games I would love to see Capcom bring out as downloadable games.

If Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers and Duck Tales could be the next ones to be downloadable games I would be thrilled. If Capcom can get to bring Marvel Vs Capcom 2 out as a downloadable game may be there is a chance these 2 games can be next.

evrfighter3394d ago

chip n dale, tale spin, contra, roger rabbit, back to the future, tecmo super bowl and captain skyhawk were the games I remember wasting my childhood life playing.

ceedubya93393d ago

You coulde switch some games in and out here and there, but that's a pretty darn accurate list. There was a lot of great games back then,and its difficult to actually make a definitive list.

Man, give me an HD Remix of Mega Man 2 and

DeadlyFire3393d ago

I remember the good old times.

Prince of Persia, Battletoads, River City Ransom, Duke Tales, Chip N Dale, Turtles I & II & III, Double Dragon, Techmo Bowl(what other game allows for a 90 yard pass. haha), Contra, Back to the Future, Roger Rabit, D*ck Tracy, and many more. All great games. I still have em too. Well mostly. Some of them I never bought, but used to rent from video store when I was smaller.

PirateThom3394d ago

Capcom used to be GODS. Now they suck though.

That's an awesome list. Chip 'n' Dale is still one of my favourite co-op games and DuckTales is still one of the best platformers ever.

BWS19823393d ago

but does anyone else remember Crystalis? It was an amazing action/RPG, and though it was slightly linear, it's a contender for my favorite memory, that was my introduction to deeper gaming. Prior to that it was platformers, side scrolling shooters and 2D beat-em ups, but Crystalis opened me up to these virtual worlds with more to them, and character/plot development, inventories, puzzle solving. I guess I should state I hadn't gotten to Zelda just yet, as I wasn't very exposed to games at the time.

i_i_n3394d ago

i absolutely loved ducktales. and the music from the moon level is just iconic to me.

KILLA J3394d ago

where is double dragon on that list?

DragonWarrior_43394d ago

My list is as follows

Dragon Warrior 4

River City Ransom


Battle of Olympus

Castlevania 2

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