Top 40 best Xbox 360 games- the best xbox 360 exclusives

The Xbox 360 currently has one of the largest libraries of this generation due to the fact Microsoft was able to get the console out one year before Nintendo and Sony. Even though there is a plethora of multiplatform games out there the exclusives are what differentiate one console from another.

Several weeks ago we put up a Top 40 Playstation 3 Exclusive Games list and as promised we are bringing you a list of Top 40 Xbox 360 Exclusive games. The ranking of the games listed are put together here by the Blorge staff and reflects the diverse exclusive lineup on the Xbox 360.
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TheColbertinator3421d ago

The good thing is that many of these games including Mass Effect and Gears of War can be found for under 20$

ipwnall3421d ago

They have Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad as number 40, Ninja Blade as 28, Dead Rising as Number 13, and Viva Pinata as 14.

That's pretty weak...

kaveti66163421d ago

I guess it's decent. Puts the Xbox 360 exclusives into perspective. By the way, Braid is coming to PSN I think some of the other games on this list have made their way to the PS3. Damn, Microsoft, get some first party studios and start keeping your stuff truly exclusive.