MSI R4890 Cyclone Graphics Card Breaks 1GHz Barrier

HZ writes: "Heat pipe is one of the most important components in graphics card which transfers the heat from chip to fins of the cooler. The thicker the heat pipe, the faster the cooling speed. MSI unique SuperPipe technology uses 8mm heat pipe which is 60% thicker than traditional ones and increase 90% of cooling efficiency. Therefore, MSI R4890 Cyclone series is equipped with the best cooling solution."

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1ikedamaster3394d ago

How 'bout the cost o'that bad boy?

Raf1k13394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

Sounds about right since this ones at £211.85 at CCL.

edit: It's probably cheaper elsewhere but wouldn't it be better to wait for DX11 cards now?

OtherWhiteMeat3394d ago

According to the price is roughly 189 Eur.

Raf1k13394d ago

Thats much cheaper than the XFX one I linked.

dirthurts3394d ago

on for about a week and a half now.

Diselage3394d ago

I actually have one on the way to my house. Sorry i don't have the link right now but according to the one review i can find for it it is only 3rd to the gtx 295 and the 4870x2. Thats all for under the 250 mark.

Remember though there are 3 versions of the card. the base model the oc and the soc. Though if your good with over clocking all of them can reach the soc though since they all have the same heatsink.

dirthurts3394d ago

the soc versions are the best performing cards out of the factory (they test them thoroughly for performance and stability. They are the same chip, and same heatsink, but they don't all come out the same in the manufacturing.

-Mezzo-3394d ago

Ok where do i sell my lung to get this.

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The story is too old to be commented.