PlayStation Deals Update 8/2/09

Welcome to the weekly PlayStation Deals.

This week is another great week for deals, and since August is looking pretty rough on good game releases now is the time to catch up on some older games.

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wolfehound223243d ago

This has been a week for deals. It's about time.

DasBunker3243d ago

Valkyria is a must buy if youre into RPGS, WTH are you waiting 4!

Lifewish3243d ago

it is a must buy and is an absolute steal at its current price

LordMarius3243d ago

Im waiting for it to cost $20

Obama3243d ago

Don't wait, just go get it while they still have it. You will regret it when there's no copies left.

Raf1k13243d ago

Took me a good few weeks tracking it down in my area.

When I finally got it I wondered why I hadn't bought it day one.

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-Mezzo-3243d ago

I think i'll grab Valkyria./

Lifewish3243d ago

it is a game that needs to be in every collection, its a gem

blusoops3243d ago

awesome! Great story, music, characters, and game play.

Megaton3243d ago

Prince of Persia is $10 cheaper at Amazon right now than the listing they have for Target.

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