All Hail the Keyboard

PC Mag: "Today, the keyboard is the most underappreciated peripheral on a computer. And it's even more unappreciated on a cell phone. The fact of the matter is that the device, which originated on the typewriter in the 1860s, has served Western Civilization better than any other device ever invented. However, it is never (and I mean never) even cited as an important invention in any century. Truth is, we'd be doomed without the keyboard.

The keyboard and the computer are two of the best things that have ever happened to many of us. Curiously, the computer has gone from a slow clunker to a super-fast device that can almost fit in a pocket, while the keyboard has languished since the very early days of computing. Once we left the teletype for an actual keyboard, the device seems to have been frozen in some sort of time warp. "

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