Assasin's Creed dated, now available for pre-order at Amazon

According to Amazon, Assassin's Creed is now available for pre-order and will be released on September 25

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FCOLitsjustagame4251d ago

I was almost sure we wouldn't see this until next year sometime.

elliot_4251d ago

this game don't call my attention...
i don't know...its too much blue for me:P

IPlayGames4251d ago

This game has lost a lot of its hype sense it went multi.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4251d ago

Your joking, right!

September 25, I highly doubt it.

m91058264251d ago

I was really excited to see what they could do as far as city size went with Blu-Ray... now it'll be limited by DVD. That's not to say I'm not pumped about this game, I've been watching it since it was Project Assassin. About the date though... the only source is Wait for an announcement from Ubisoft before you go puting a date on it. September? Maybe. September 25? Only according to Amazon...

Hayabusa 1174250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

That's because it's the Sony fanboy's doing the hype. First they said GTA 4 will own the XBox 360...then it went multiplatform, and the Sony fanboy's no longer mentioned it.

Then it was Assassins Creed. Always on their "Amazing PS3 game list that makes the 360's list look crap". Then it went multiplatform, and they don't mention it anymore.

Same with Virtua Fighter as well. And then Devil May Cry.

Anyway, I believe the game was originaly slated for spring this year, but Ubisoft pushed it back so it would fall under the second half of their financial year, or some stupid thing like that. September sounds about right, but I wouldn't trust Amazon's date.

As for me, I'll pick it up as long it doesn't clash with Halo 3 (please be November Halo 3...)


I don't think the size of Assassin Creed's city would depend on it's disc. Just Cause was massive, and that was pretty much old-gen. I think they're looking to put more detail in, which to be honest, is what I want from next-gen games.

techie4251d ago

It hasnt lost hype because it went multi! that's lame. it's lost hype because it's in the shadows at the momenet, the hype train is just at a stand still for the moment, it will get going again as its release gets closer. This year.

ChaosKnight4251d ago

I agree with Deep, the game just went missing after X06 it's hype has gone down quite a bit. If they are to show more levels and a new trailer or screens, that'd be nice to get stealth and action fans back into the mood, because right now I am thinking if I should get the game, and a couple months ago I was sure I was gonna.

But, September is fair... I was hope July or something, but whatever.

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