BM Comic-Con 2009: Hands-on Darksiders

BM writes: "War has it tough. He shows up to the apocalypse like he's supposed to–he is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse after all, the event is in his title–but it turns out he's the lone horseman to make it to the shindig because the battle has begun prematurely. Things don't go quite like they are supposed to because of it, and Hell defeats Heaven. Now, the forces of Heaven are angry at War, because he basically got stuck with the check by showing up when no one else did. Hell hates him because he's not on their side, and earth probably would hate him if there was anyone left alive there. Now, 100 years after the botched apocalypse, War must return to the remnants of earth to clear his name, free trapped souls, and kick some ass."

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