Popular games that you should avoid

"It is important to remember as a gamer that often poorly made games can still become very popular. Sometimes this can be a result of the title of the game being recognizable to people and so they buy it. How popular something is does not necessarily mean that thing is of a high quality. Here is a list of a few very popular Xbox 360 games that you should avoid."

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SRU96003394d ago

I've read some stupid articles in my day, but that one ranks right up there at the top.

4pocalyps33395d ago

this article is just bs -_-' he has 3 games and all 3 of them are just stupid choices. halo 3...? erm wtf ive played halo and it is not a game you would want to miss.

gears of war 2...? i haven't played it but judging by the reviews and everyone that i know who has played it it is a game i do want to play.

battlefield 1943..? another game i would really like to play as well.

just think that this "writer" was bored one day and decided to pull something out of his ass even though it didn't make any sense.

Troll-Killer3395d ago

What a complete dumbass. :o

Sonyslave33395d ago

Damn ps3fans keep getting worst and worst everyday he trying to stop xbox 360 owners from enjoying some of xbox 360 gems.

Omega43395d ago

Some sites need to be seriously banned from N4G, examiner is becoming the new HHG. But unlikely HHG examiner posts hit seeking articles 24/7.

Halo 3 rushed!? RUSHED!? It was supposed to be a launch game, it was delayed like 2/3 times!!

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