Why Metal Gear Solid is the greatest Video Game Story ever told Part 1

This will be a three part editorial on why the Metal Gear Solid franchise is to me, the greatest story ever told in a video game. When Metal Gear Solid 1 for the Playstation 1 came out, I was around 13 years old and thus too young to understand the awesomeness of this game. However when Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for the Playstation 2 arrived; I was old enough to own my own console and had some money to buy any game I wanted, there was no real reason why I chose Metal Gear Solid 2, It was a complete random choice. One thing is for sure though, when I played that game I was completely sucked in to the Metal Gear Solid universe, and that one game remains to be the game that I have beaten more times out of any other game I have owned. I have played a whole lot of phenomenal video games in my lifetime, but as far as story and presentation I have to say Metal Gear Solid is the overall best.

This three part editorial is to show why I appreciate this game so much and to hopefully bring new people into this master piece franchise who maybe never tried it out before. I plan to go into depth about the genius behind Hideo Kojima's master piece of a franchise, discussing the best parts of the series. This part of the editorial will focus on the Facts and the Reality that the series represents, look out for Part 2 which will arrive next week.

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The_Darkest_Red3420d ago

Allow me to tell you what. MGS story is the best in a game ever. I dare say better than 95% of movies. Maybe more.

Play them now!

GameForFame3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Many complain about the different aspects of these games but at the same time so many people have different ideas of what video games should offer.

I've always welcomed the lengthy cut-scenes as it seems to just immerse you even more so into the story, at least for me and the people I know that enjoy the games. Usually I do not seem to feel such a connection to characters in games, which might sound weird, but for some reason I get so into the story/characters/action.

Crazy action and then you're hit with some movie-like video and it all just seems so deep. The crazy twists and turns, the complex and sometimes "out there" ideas - for some reason it all just seems to work so perfectly. MGS for the original PS is what basically made me a "hardcore" gamer - I had never played anything like it and it just seemed so amazing. The footprints, the silliness in things like the box, choking out guys - everything. It just seemed so deep and I never really experienced anything like it up until then. I never knew video games could offer such an experience.

MGS is like my FF, I know so many people get into those and I never really have, but I think I know where they're coming from.

Greywulf3420d ago


Thats all, just a snip here and a snip there. Thats all.

irish-leprecaun3420d ago

may loose the series its title of best story.

Megaton3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

The plot kinda crawls up its own ass sometimes, but I still agree it's one of the best in gaming. Could definitely benefit from some editing.

MGS4 was an extremely important game. It wrapped up the story on some of the biggest and most beloved characters in gaming. It's not everyday that a franchise as old and complex as Metal Gear comes to an end (story-wise).

Timesplitter143420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

How does it feel like to have over 25 disagrees and ZERO agrees?

ceedubya93420d ago

I don't even need to read this article, because I agree 100%.

That game sucked you in from the start and never let go.

pain777pas3418d ago

Can't really argue this opinion. I have a hardtime trying to think of game that is even in its league. FF7 is right up there with Crisis Core + FF7 but you cannot ignore the masterpiece that is the MGS series.

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A_Little_Girl3421d ago

great article and well written, anyone that disagree is a fanboy

The Matrix3420d ago

I'm not going to argue with that. MGS had a great story. Especially snake eater :) Idk about THE best but definitely up there.

Millah3420d ago

Oh is that so? I love how these stupid articles try to argue things as if its a matter of fact instead of opinions. Anyone who disagrees is a fanboy? No, anyone who tries to act as if its fact is the fanboy.

MGS has a great story and is definitely top 3, but to say its number 1 is purely opinion. In my opinion Xenogears is the greatest video game story ever told BY FAR. But I'm not going to try and force it down your throat as if its fact, because its only an opinion.

somekindofmike3420d ago

I read it as... the fact is that it was a "great article and well written" not that it was fact that MGS has the best story ever, but I may be wrong...

MetalGearBear 3421d ago

that true.
also, best stealth games in all history.

theEnemy3420d ago

And every gamer should have atleast played a Metal Gear Solid game(1-4)

Luckily I have played 1-4. Greatest series ever.

deadreckoning6663421d ago

ICO, Shadow of the Colossus,Beyond Good and Evil,GTA4 are great too. Storywise MGS is second to none but as an overall game id take MW2 or Conviction any day. No fanboyism here, but Sam Fisher is wayyy cooler than Solid Snake and the only reason people say otherwise is because Snakes been around longer and people dont like change.

cranium3421d ago

Dude you've never even played MW2 or Conviction so stop talking. Oh wait, now that I see how many bubbles you have I understand.

Darkeyes3421d ago

Reads post.... See's Bubbles.... facepalm....

ThatCanadianGuy3420d ago

Yeah man.Foreign guy comes to America, lives a life of crime & murder trying to make his way to the top.

A real rags to riches story.Not like that's ever been done before..

/Immense sarcasm

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Simon_Brezhnev3421d ago

i think RPGs have the greatest stories

dktxx23420d ago

Most have pretty crappy stories. Then there are some that have great characters, but still have crappy or cliche stories behind them (Final Fantasy.) Then their's dragon quest 8 (the only one i know of at least) that has both. Of course personal preferences largely determine what a great story is.