New Modern Warfare 2 Character-Arts and Concepts published a new batch of Modern Warfare 2 Concept-Arts.

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Cwalat3394d ago

Assassin's Creed 2
Modern Warfare 2
Uncharted 2
Gran Turismo 5 (hopefully they'll announce an 09 release soon)
Halo 3 ODST (not my cup of cake, but it's a huge title for 09)

^ Whoever passes on these games must be out of their minds, or simply broke.

Marcelles253394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

im passing on AC2 (not my cup of tea)

Raf1k13394d ago

I'll be getting those apart from Halo ODST (since I don't have a 360) and CoD6 (since it's way overpriced for the UK).

Cwalat3394d ago

Marcelles, yeah.. i meant those who pass on all those titles.. =)

socomnick3394d ago

im passing on uncharted 2 , might rent it next year sometime to beat the sp. GT 5 wont be out til next year.

alster233394d ago

socomnick not getting a ps3 exclusive? thats a shocker

BattleAxe3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

I'm getting: Uncharted 2
Modern Warfare 2
Operation Flashpoint 2
BattleField: Bad Company 2
MAG (I'll wait for the reviews on this)

The only 2 games so far that I'm looking forward to in 2010 are:
God of War 3
Heavy Rain
Ghost Recon 4

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-Mezzo-3394d ago

I ain't buying this, if it's over priced on any platform because i am not the sucker Activision believes i am.

Raf1k13394d ago

You've said that a lot.

I'm getting tired of agreeing lol.

pianplay3394d ago

If you live in the Us then why care? lol it'll be $60 like every new game.

Now if you live in the UK, then i say you NOT buy it!

Or better, buy used:)

Raf1k13394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

I live in the UK.

I'll end up buying it used sometime when I see it at a reasonable price. CoD4 is holding it's price extremely well so I probably won't find CoD6 at a good price for a while.

Edit: I think people in other parts of the world should care since the rest of the world could see price rises in future. The American games market is bigger than the UKs I think so Activision would have more to gain there. Especially considering the 360 community (which is pretty large) is FPS mad.

-Mezzo-3394d ago

I might get it USED which is a bad thing, i loved COD4 and had plans to buy it ASAP. and i am sure it will never see a price drop just like COD4.

And still after milking us so much with Guitar Hero series and COD4 they want the game to be priced at 70$. sucks.

@Raf1k1---- thanks mate.... =)

tomsau3393d ago

I'm taking a gamble on it... Not gonna buy on release
And I'm gonna hope activision (being the money grubbing whores they are) will produce way too many Prestige Editions in the UK... and HMV will slash the price by january/february... that's usually what happens

1 problem... HMV aren't known for slashing games prices at any point in time =/
and the prestige edition might just sell out...

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-Mezzo-3394d ago

Which version will be superior.

alster233394d ago

Well assuming they have seperate dev teams like in cod4 they will probably Identical but I can't shake the feeling the 360 version is better from a technical standpoint

Lord_Ranos3394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

PC>>PS3>>>>3 60

Sonyslave33394d ago (Edited 3394d ago )

lol don't you mean pc> 360>>>>>>ps3

Lord_Ranos3394d ago

oh yea I forgot the rumored Wii version

PC>>PS3>>>> Wii>>>>>>> >360

alster233394d ago

typical from a guy named "sonyslave"

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