Ace Gamez Review: Anno 1404

AG writes: "There's something immediately inviting about Anno 1440 and that's probably its looks. While on any other day and with any other game I might like to take the position of authority and pretend that good graphics do not make a good game, here it's difficult to ignore just how beautiful Anno 1404 is; right from the beginning you are presented with a virtual world that's so lush and bright and green that you wouldn't mind seeking residency in one of your own settlements yourself.

The sweeping landscapes are full of little incidental details that all combine to create a fully formed, living, breathing world. Every building bustles with life as workers go about their daily tasks, mining resource deposits or harvesting crops, while throughout your settlements the townsfolk wander the streets, visiting the local churches or getting drunk at the taverns as seagulls swoop lazily over your ports and trees sway in the breeze. When towns grow and new civilisations are discovered, you just can't help but take the time to stop and marvel at just how everything works."

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