Ace Gamez Review: Demon's Souls

Demon's Souls doesn't want to hold your hand. It doesn't want to be beaten. And it definitely doesn't want to be friends. Don't expect a relaxed learning curve or well placed checkpoints: just turn the lights off, grab your PS3 pad and get ready for one of the most brutally rewarding games of the last decade. This is a game that makes Ninja Gaiden look plain soft. This is Demon's Souls.

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TheColbertinator2941d ago

Wow that is a surprising score

Jaces2941d ago

I've been waiting for a game like this for a long time. Kind of like a Baldurs Gate on a whole new level. :)

nycredude2937d ago

For those who have played it, including me, that is not so surprising. What will be surprising is when you realize after playing it for about 10 hours straight, exactly how good this game is!

2941d ago
Clarence Callahan2941d ago

I already knew this game was really good, but i never expected it to be this good!
and if it's that hard, i want to try it out, i like challenging games, there aren't enough that are really challenging for me.

iHEARTboobs2941d ago

I'm pre-ordering the deluxe edition. Going to be madness! I wonder how different it would be to not be connected online.

raztad2941d ago

I already have the standard version preordered, yes I know I'm a cheap bastard, but you know life is more than a game :D

I'm really pumped for Demon's Souls. I hope to spend a good amount of time on it, even if I need to push R&C:ACiT and UC2 purchases back.

CaptainKratos2941d ago

whats does the deluxe edition contain?

DonCorneo2941d ago

But as long as you pre-order Demon's Soul, you can't lose. You get a free art book and soundtrack CD just for pre-ordering either edition.

nycredude2937d ago


I recommend getting the collectors edition. You WILL need the guide.

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Lifewish2941d ago

this game is looking badass

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