Do Not Overlook These RPGS

Videogame2Play writes: "There are some games coming out that a lot of you might not have heard of. RPG's are a genre that is made by serveral under the radar developers and publishers, this causes a lot of titles to go overlooked. Don't let the smaller stature of some of these studios fool you. They are often very passionate about what they create and it usually shows in their work. This is where hidden masterpieces come from, talented developers making a game they are passionate about, even with a smaller budget.

There are currently some of these titles being developed and they are not that far off from release. If you are an RPG lover they might just whet your appetite. I will give you some insight as to what is in the works."

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Bishop3395d ago

I actually suggested Vandal Hearts (among others) to a Konami developer at a convention in the summer of 2007. They were looking at games that they had made in the past that they could create others based off of, I never actually thought that they would listen and the developer didn't even know what Vandal Hearts was.

DragonWarrior_43395d ago

This is got to be one of the best articles ever posted on n4g. Its been so long since there has been an unbiased and well written piece such as this. Keep it up.

mastiffchild3395d ago

Yep, decent read. Thing is everyone who mentions Venetica does the same as this(i.e just shows that trailer and nothing else!

Most of the games I'm pretty interested in anyway buit haven't seen much new about Venetica in a long time and I really doubt we'll see it this year from the little I have seen.

Myst3395d ago

Why would someone make this article to tempt me, knowing I love a good RPG I'm going to be more inclined to at least try all of them and end up buying most :(.

-Mezzo-3395d ago

Well that good and bad for you, how often you get to be in this kind of situation. lol

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-Mezzo-3395d ago

White Knight Was cool.

MelaDarkwood3395d ago

Hmm, I always wanted to try out Two Worlds, but I never did, my friend told me it wasn't that great. I might have to give Two Worlds 2 a try, though, especially if they fix whatever it was that Two Worlds had problems with.

I want to check out some of these other games too... I wish I wasn't broke.... =(

zagibu3394d ago

Two Worlds didn't have problems per se, it was just a bit boring. The map was large (more space than Oblivion), there were lots of weapons and cool armor, but it somehow didn't quite manage to excite you enough. It felt a bit like a fantasy-sandbox instead of a real game.

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The story is too old to be commented.