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Sony and Microsoft do a Wii

After the revelations at this year's E3 Expo you'd think that Nintendo would be getting a bit worried. No sooner had Sony announced a motion-controller for use with their existing PS3 than Microsoft brought out their full-body motion control device 'Project Natal'.

Until now, Nintendo have been the sole provider of motion-control games with their Wii console but the fact rival companies are jumping into the same pond doesn't worry Nintendo games developer Shigeru Miyamoto: "The fact that both of those companies are looking at getting the gamer off the couch, taking advantage of motion control, and getting them to control the game by moving their body shows that they have looked at what we have done with Wii," he told the BBC. "Now they are moving in the same direction. To that end we are very flattered."

Apart from announcing two new Super Mario Bros games - the all new 4-player 'New Super Mario Bros Wii' in December, followed by a bigger and better 'Super Mario Galaxy 2' some time next year - Nintendo's only real moment in the spotlight at E3 2009 was when their president Satoru Iwata briefly talked about the Wii Vitality Sensor.

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ChozenWoan3398d ago

2010 will be an interesting year for all three systems. Wonder how it will all turn out when this gen ends.