Gamebosh Review: Red Faction: Guerrilla

It's the year 2075; you're fighting a war for freedom and the odds are stacked against you. All is looking bleak until one day, when an allied force known as the EDF comes along to help you and victory is achieved in this long and tiresome war. Fifty years later, the EDF are still in town and have no sign of going away. In fact they show no sign letting you have what you fought so hard for either, freedom. Yes, it's the age old adage; someone comes along to help and then ends up taking control themselves.

It could be worse though, your brother could have just been killed by this force and you could be living on the outskirts of Mars! Well, welcome to the World of Alec Mason. As Mason, you must go on a seemingly impossible mission to overthrow the control of the Earth Defence Force and win back freedom for him and his people. You must do this using his brute strength and background in demolition.

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