Does Wii web-surfing work?

Nintendo recently updated the trial version of its Internet Channel to the full Opera-powered browser, but is it worth your time?

Console-based web browsers don't exactly have the best track record, not least because you have to do without the convenience of a mouse and keyboard. Of the browsers available on today's consoles, the PS3 browser is feature-packed but clunky, occasionally slow and suffers from poor compatibility with more complicated sites.

The PSP browser is much like its bigger brother only slower, and the DS browser, which is also provided by Opera, is agonisingly slow. Fortunately for Wii, Opera got its act together and has come up with a far better browser than we expected.

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esp4p34128d ago

I downloaded the opera browser and I would say it works just fine. It is a little akward at first to use the wii-mote to navigate but once you get the hang of it its a piece of cake. Watching youtube on a nice big tv is nicer than watching it on your computer.

GameJunkieJim4128d ago

Some of the pages initially looked grainy, but then I discovered the zoom function, and there are pages designed specifically FOR the Wii.

Mushu4264127d ago

I think it works great, espeicalliy when compared to the trail version. I absolutely hated the trail version. It took for ever to upload then, it had problems with complicated pages, and and sometimes it would freeze up. Often it failed to even load even when the channals did which also use the internet. Also, the full version loads so fast you almost miss it and I haven't notice any problems with sites like myspace. Its weird but the wi-fi works a ton better since the full verison, makes me wonder if that was the problem all along.