Gamezebo: Pure Hidden Review

Gamezebo writes: "I'm going to say something that writers aren't supposed to say: Stop reading this review right now and go play Pure Hidden. Nothing in this review can adequately explain how incredibly beautiful, serene, or inventive this game is, so please, just stop reading and go try it for yourself. Shoo. Go on, shoo.

Still with me? Ok, then let me try and explain why I'm so giddy over Pure Hidden. From the moment you begin playing, Pure Hidden is a completely different take on the hidden object genre. You're not cleaning out attics, solving mysteries, or breaking ancient curses, you're helping an ivy-like plant grow flowers and fruit by completing the various levels of the game. Upon finishing a level, you'll be presented with an item - a toy car, a rubber duck, a lemon - that you'll use to open the next box and reveal your next adventure."

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