Warring disc formats avoidable: As HD DVD & Blu-ray battle, rivals gain foothold

Was peace possible in the Blu-ray vs. HD DVD war?

In the world according to Warren Lieberfarb, the schism between the two next-generation disc formats shouldn't have happened.

Before standard-definition discs were introduced a decade ago, Lieberfarb, the former president of Warner Home Video, was instrumental in the negotiation of a truce between two rival groups promoting incompatible formats. This, of course, created billions of dollars in disc-sales revenue for the entertainment business and a healthy stream of royalty revenues for his parent company, Time Warner.

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level 3604012d ago

It should'nt have happened, but then they have'nt anticipated all this ( fanatic, ill-informed, egotistical ) fanboyism over this two formats, who are just rarin' to have their self-deprecating arguments. While these chief execs - with their millions would'nt give a rats ass anyway, as long as they add more money to their bank accounts.

gta_cb4012d ago

alot of things said in this article does make alot of sence. ESPECIALLY the last line "Hard disc drives and fast network connections win in that scenario, not HD DVD or Blu-ray." so the longer the battle lasts the more likely people will find other ways... which will lead to piracy