HonestGamers Review: Dragonica

HonestGamers writes: "Dragonica is a 3D, fantasy, action-oriented, side-scrolling MMORPG developed by Barunson Interactive. Its published by Gpotato in the EU and THQ*ICE in the US. As with most other titles promoted through both of these sites, Dragonica is free to play. However, gamers can opt to buy extras for their character from a shop dealing in real money. Anyone who has played Lunia or MapleStory will feel right at home here. Conversely, Dragonica has a level of polish not yet to be found in its overpopulated peers.

Upon first installing the game, things appear to be really simple. As Christos Reid mentioned in his preview last month, the tutorial consists of telling you about the four classes and hands you basic instructions on how to control your little avatar. This comes as a remarkably refreshing change, given that most games in the genre totally kill the player's enjoyment in their first few minutes playing – either with absurdly long introductions (looking at you, Ragnarok Online) or hardly any competent directions at all (EVE). Dragonica gets the balance just right from the start. Gamers who have not touched this type of MMO before know what to do, but it doesn't spoil anything for us who like to explore efficient control configurations and character set-ups for ourselves."

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