HonestGamers Review: Little League World Series Baseball 2009

HonestGamers writes: "Not many sports gamers realize this, even though I did my part to spread the word, but Little League World Series 2008 was very good. It didn't feature the MLB license or a bunch of steroid-infused role models, but what it lacked in high-priced swingers it made up for with plain, old-fashioned softball fun. A sequel was justified and Little League World Series Baseball 2009 is that sequel. Developed by Now Production, the newest installment aims to appeal both to returning fans and to the host of baseball enthusiasts who perhaps let the sugary sweet presentation convince them that this was a series worth skipping.

As a yearly franchise, Little League World Series Baseball 2009 benefits from the same incremental upgrades that you might expect from a typical Madden or NHL 2K update, which is to say that much of what made the first game worthwhile has returned and is augmented by a handful of new features that expand the core experience without actually changing it in any obvious ways. In general, it's the safe way to go (even if it does result in dull reviews from game critics such as myself). Consider that a spoiler."

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