GON Review: The Conduit

The Conduit puts players in the role of Michael Ford, an agent of the Secret Service. Ford is contacted by John Adams, the leader of a group called The Trust, one of those fairly typical secret societies highly wrapped up in the running of the United States from behind the scenes. The Trust is chasing an artefact called the All Seeing Eye, stolen by a mysterious character named Prometheus (played by Hercules himself, Kevin Sorbo), and Ford is charged with getting it back. Of course, you quickly discover that the Trust is using you to overthrow the US Government and facilitate the invasion of an alien force called the Drudge. Ford joins forces with Prometheus to subvert the Trust's plans and save the day. The game's method of storytelling is an orthodox mix of pre-mission briefings and radio chatter. One would think that with the big conspiracy backdrop of the game that the developer would have provided more opportunities for players to discover more about The Conduit's back-story – the game would have been better for it, and the story wouldn't have seemed so lightweight in comparison to its theme. Perhaps they might have even delivered a better endgame payoff, too.

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