SFX-360: Shadow Complex Preview

SFX-360 writes: "XBLA games just keep getting better and Epic's new Shadow Complex looks like it's no exception. The game is a very impressive looking side scrolling shooter very similar to older titles like Metroid itself. The game is being done by Epic with Chair Entertainment. Chair may sound familiar as they were the ones behind the rather floppy Advent Rising. They were able to turn things around however with their previous XBLA Undertow, which was very successful for them.

The game will put you in the shoes of a rather stereotypical hero who goes camping with his fine woman only to discover a hidden complex. While investigating the new shadow like complex his fine woman is kidnapped by none other than the militant forces occupying the complex. How they missed each other in this happening is beyond me but once the hero figures out where his girl went it's on!

The game is very large both in physical download size as well as virtually. Developer Chair Entertainment claims there are lots of areas to explore and discover as they not only told us, but also showed us at E3. Most areas will require a lot of back tracking once you get new items and learn new experiences, going back and opening up recently unavailable areas will play a big part in the game. The game features some large boss battles for you tackle but fear not along the way there will be plenty of new weapons to discover and use to cause havoc against those who would dare to steal your woman..."

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