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Bush orders team to probe games and guns

President George W. Bush organized key members of his cabinet into a team which seeks to find facts which could shed light on in the wake of the vicious shootings at Virginia Tech which saw the death of 33 people. Among the areas being looked at is videogames.

"One could blame guns. One could blame access to the media. One could blame video games," said Utah governor Jon Huntsman, as he tried to identify some of the possible factors contributing to the growing number of violent incidents involving the youth. (Culture)
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nice_cuppa  +   3049d ago
what !
stop trying to find things to blame dude !
accept that the law was what allowed this to happen !

guns to all !
not a good idea !
if guns are available to all, all must be protected from guns !

sort it out !
Skizelli  +   3048d ago
There's a misconception about this. The gun laws here vary from state to state.

See http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS...

Although I agree that we do need stricter gun laws, I believe that it wouldn't make that much of a difference. People that want a gun to do harm would only get one illegally.

This is what happens any time something bad happens. The media and politicians try to dissect it and point blame. It's clear the shooter was troubled and the intent to harm was already in place, guns or no guns. If it wasn't a gun, it could've been a bomb. If someone really wants to hurt people, there's really no way of stopping them without knowing what their intentions are.
Rooted_Dust  +   3048d ago
On the contrary
If guns were to be outlawed...Only the outlaws would have guns. The problem with gun laws is they only disarm the honest citizens. Criminals will not turn in their guns and they have illegal means of obtaining them. Besides the fact that our Bill of Rights grants us the right to Bear Arms, to be impeded by none, it is right to own a gun. Guns are Liberty's teeth, they are your defense from criminals and an oppresive government. In places where there are gun laws knife crimes and other crimes increase, because there is no fear of resistance from the victims. As you saw in Virginia, not the police or the government could protect the victims, and a ban on firearm on campus made the victims harmless to the killer. People have to accept that only we can protect ourselves, no one else will do it for us.
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techie  +   3048d ago
Uh. Guns are not needed. You don't need them to protect yourself. If it is EASY to get hold of a gun then deaths are going to occur. Kids can get hold of them, if you want to kill someone go and get a gun. Name a country that doesn't have guns, but has a higher crime rate than the US??? Nope didn't think so, people are safer without them. "protect yourselves" indeed.
Armyless  +   3048d ago
The shootings took place in a gun-free zone...
Someone should have told this guy he was in a gun-free zone and wasn't allowed to carry a gun on campus. Too bad. If he'd only known it was against the law, those 30 something people would still be alive.

You can't legislate hate. Remember columbine? Those guys rigged Propane tanks and pipe-bombs. You can't regulate hate.
Armyless  +   3048d ago
Murder rates per capita around the world... guess where the US falls?
techie  +   3048d ago
Continue owning guns then. I'm sure they do a lot of good.... (???)
Keyser  +   3048d ago
People only say "people shouldn't carry guns" when you live in a place that doesn't need guns. I used to live a in very dangerous place in the states. Carrying a gun was a way of protecting yourself. There are places so bad that even the police are hesitant to come. If you don't have a gun, like the VT kids, how do you protect yourself from someone who has a gun.

Drugs have are illegal here and carry heavy jail times. Guess what, people still do drugs and it is not a problem to get it if you want without any problem. The same goes for guns. If I wanted to be malicious I would not purchase a gun legally where they make you jump through hoops and can track you. You can buy one off the streets for $300 without a trace.

9 out of 10 if you're going to do something bad with a gun you won't buy it legally. Now, what are all the good citizens to do who would only use their weapon in self defense but aren't allowed to carry? Fish in a barrel to criminals.

How hard was it for the VT shooter to go into a building knowing the only person with a gun was him. He had no fear and no reason to believe he could be thwarted. He knew he would have at least 5 min where no one could defend themselves. Imagine if someone were able to defend themselves and how it could have played out...
techie  +   3049d ago
Really is ther more crime? Or is there more media coverage of crime...hence increasing fear of crime even though the crime rate is going down. Countries run on fear...are dangerous.
Inasid  +   3049d ago
It's just a PR move, he needs any he can get right now. I doubt if anything will come from this, republicans are heavily supported by the NRA.
Kyur4ThePain  +   3049d ago
And I'm ordering
a probe into the 3,500+ soldiers you've had killed, so fu(k you GW.
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3049d ago
Maybe they can spend time with stuff that matters like crime, healthcare ,SS and shall I contuine. No thats good enough. Good Ole America dont blame ya self blame the world and change the world but wat do i know im only an american right.....
Merovee  +   3049d ago
Oh crap
The president is waging war on gaming oh nooooo.....

Nah, wait, nevermind were bound to be safe.
snoop_dizzle  +   3049d ago
im actualy surprised
usually you hear something from the dems like Hillary and Lieberman(well hes more republican), then again, i guess the whole government probably would want this.
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RedSeven  +   3049d ago
Sony Campaign
I know this probaly doesn't have any connection what so ever, but I just think its funny that Dubya is investigating the game industry just days after Sony releases two bizarre advertisments involving dead goats and a guy jhacking it to a PS3. (Implied) Just kind of ironic timing. LOL!
level 360  +   3049d ago
Wrong call, again...
It should be the other way around, I do believe
techie  +   3049d ago
What we should probe bush with games and guns? Liking your thinking :)
Silvia007  +   3048d ago
Can we get ANY further in debt...
Apparently $100 billion isn't enough, he has to make some bogus agency so he can further fill his cronies with more tax dollars. I tell you, Bush is a frigg'n genius, takes advantage of every frigg'n crap that goes on and makes more of his friends rich off it. It's almost like Bush is devinely protected or something coz no one can do anything about what he does.
dantesparda  +   3045d ago
Yeah, his "divine" protection is called the Republican party. You get what you vote for
Firewire  +   3048d ago
Bush is an Idiot!
Weapons of mass destruction - 0
Anything accomplished in Iraq - 0
# of US troops killed - 3,500+
# of laws his admin have broken - to many to count
# of lies his admin have told - to many to count
# of countries that now hate the US - how many countries in the world?

All of the above done for greed and his & his fathers own interests!
Why hasn't this guy been impeached?
ITR  +   3048d ago
America, Kings and Queens of b!tching.
Skizelli  +   3048d ago
I'd have to disagree with that when it seems other countries complain more about Americans than we do about anything or anyone else.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   3048d ago
Why can’t they ever just blame the murderer/s?
I mean hell the war has killed thousands not seeing anyone blame games on that. Parents, schools, politicians, doctors and lawyers only want to pass the blame so not to take responsibility for themselves and also to make a little money suing game companies. What they dont know is we gamers are bigger than them and they should have learned by now taking what we love isn't going to be easy.
sovietsoldier  +   3048d ago
ill show them!
take away my games and all your gunn laws wont stop the bodies from stacking up! games are the only thing that i can blow off steam on and when they take that away ,look out!
mugatu4567  +   3048d ago
whos to blame a real paradox
"One could blame guns. One could blame access to the media. One could blame video games," said Utah governor Jon Huntsman"

hum i dont know if i had to say who to blame did we completly overlook the MASS MURDER WHO DID IT?
Inasid  +   3048d ago
somethings should come first...

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