PS3 Sales: Not Much To Whine About

PSX Extreme writes: "So let me see if I can get this straight-

Everyone still has a bone to pick with Sony concerning sales of the PlayStation 3. Now, I would most certainly agree with the negative assessment if that assessment made even the least bit of sense, but it doesn't. As I've found that many people have the attention span of gnats and won't read "walls of text" (which are basically no more than paragraphs), I'll break this down as clearly as I can. And I'll use small words, so all the Xbox 360 fankids who keep laughing about the PS3 will be able to follow."

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thereapersson3306d ago

Then there's plenty to whine about -- and plenty of retarded fanboys who will lend you both of their ears.

sunnygrg3306d ago

The PS3 is doing good and it is a fact.

La Chance3306d ago

LOL sounds like an article Juuken/Ultimolu would write.

Double Toasted3306d ago

...its not doing good, no matter how you spin it. Sony, on the other hand, I would say, is doing good. And I think thats what someone was trying to say...Sony not the PS3.

killinet2473306d ago

Well if that's what you think then according to you, the 360 also isn't doing too good. They still haven't made the billions back from the RROD repairs. Although that's not my opinion... I think all systems are doing good considering the economic situation.

La Chance3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

It cost MSFT exactly 1 billion for RROD, dont know where you get your "billions" from. A quick search on Google aint hard you know.

Moreover if it was the gaming division that bared the cost it would have shown up in their 2007/2008 results but that isnt the case.

My guess is that the 1 billion they needed came from elsewhere. Im sure huge firms like MSFT and Sony have a billion or two tucked under the pillow "just in case", for "emergency" situations. Especially since it seems like MSFT knew the 360 was faulty...I think they had a few dollars ready "just in case".

The PS3 aint doing catastrophic but like double toasted said as long as it doesnt bring in any money well...its bad.

Double Toasted3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

MS makes a profit off of the 360 sales albeit I'm sure you could say that that money goes towards fixing the rrod fiasco. All in all it would be MS breaking even while Sony is still losing money on the PS3.

Edit: Mind you I didn't bring up anything outside of hardware sales, everything else is profit.

talltony3306d ago

in this article. I know everything in the article to be a fact! End of Story!

sunil3306d ago

Till date all the the 360 fanboys had to say was units sold... now all of a sudden you guys care about the profitability of the console...

theres just no pleasing ppl who are ignorant

btw: even with rrod, 360 was still showing profits in the gaming division correct?

IdleLeeSiuLung3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Ben Dutka is an established Sony fanboi, but if anyone in doubt he wrote:

"P.S. Any 360 fans who want to toss up that sorry list of exclusives as if it has any shot of competing with the list for the PS3; don't bother. It'll just waste our time."

Response to his points:

Point 1: The Xbox 360 like the Dreamcast suffered from Sony selling a dream i.e. all these over-hyping and in it's first 9 months (or so) sold only 5-6 million consoles world wide. This means with Sony's incredible brand name dominating the console business for over a decade and have a loyal customer base of 100+ million only sold on par with Xbox 360 in the following years. The final blow, Xbox brand has always been dead in the water in countries like Japan. This means the Xbox 360 sold faster in other regions to make up for this and in markets that are growing. Japan is shrinking as a market for console gaming.

Point 2: The Xbox 360 since launched has received the notorious reputation as the unreliable console and MS has essentially officially admitted to the problem by issuing 3-year warranty. Despite this problem and non-existant brand name the Xbox 360 sells on par with the PS3. Furhtermore the PS3 sales carried itself as the cheapest blu-ray player not to mention among the best at the time. It basically had another market that the Xbox did not.

Point 3: The PS3 has had plenty of exciting franchises come out and almost none of them were system sellers. Even when there was a system seller the bump in consoles sold where small in the big picture and was short lived. Why would other franchises make a difference?

Point 4: This is debatable, but we see time and time again that unless something is specifically targeted at the PS3 and a LOT of work is put into it the result are less than sub-par. When the work is put in, it seem the PS3 can outshine the Xbox 360.

Point 5: Fact is, Xbox Live despite a paid subscription model has about as many PS3 PSN accounts (not the PC/PSP created accounts only) that are paying a fee to play online! I won't even mention the difference in store experience and presentation.

Now the Xbox 360 sales are a little slow in the early 2009 compared to the price, but during Christmas the Xbox 360 sales spiked about 100% over it's competitor in the largest selling period in the year. It seems as sales slow down, so does the sales lead, but the opposite is also true.

Bottom line, why is Sony getting so much negative attention? Because if PCs all of sudden was in the same market share as Apple, do you think Microsoft would get some negative press considering the branding and customer loyalty? Heck it did, but primarily due to slow sales of Vista. Doesn't that sound familiar?

edit: In my opinion, the market share between MS and Sony is the best it could have been for consumers. Meaning you reap the most benefit as it is. The Wii well, it's the new Apple in the console world. It can sell a premium priced console relative to features out of the box and still sell out in stores for almost 2-3 years!

-EvoAnubis-3306d ago

Actually, if you took your own advice and did a quick search on google, you'd discover that the cost is well over a billion dollars at this point.

Headshot813306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

When a ps3 owner mentions sales, it means that he got a SALE on his sony hardware. A ps3 owner bought a ps3 for cheap, since SONY sold the hardware at THEIR lost. Its a fact that sony lowered the price to the point where they lost an continue to loose money on every ps3 sold. Sony gives you a bluray player,gaming +media system,HDD,wifi, at THEIR lost, they sell the ps3 cheaper than what it cost them to make it. Dont forget that online is free. And they offer good services online if you want to buy or rent movies . SONY wants you to have their "HIGH END" hardware at their expense.

Now it's a different story with MS' 360. When the 360 launched, it was premature. MS new that they couldn't stand a chance against sony, so they decided to launch WAY too early. Thats extremely selfish in their part, since they shipped and continue to ship defective consoles. This is THEIR gain and YOUR lost. Then you argue that MS now has a a "3-Year warranty" backed by billions of dollars, and that its defective issues don't matter. Dont forget that your 3-year warranty stays with your original console, so the "3- year plan does not renew itself when you get the refurbished console, so you will have to buy ANOTHER 360 once your 3 years are over . You actually think they grabbed those billions from their bank account, think again, You're paying for it from their XBL fees, which they will generate billions with once you start to click on the "commercial adds" on your XBL interface that was PAID FOR. It's funny and sad because you're bragging about "impressive" sales and how well MS is selling, when YOU(the 360owners) are the ones being screwed by MS to get those sales.
It doesn't matter how much you "like" the 360's games, because you're still been screwed by MS. They release alot of games to keep you hook. Because once that 3- year warranty runs out, you have no choice but to buy another 200-300-400dollar console, because there's no way in hell you'll get back the money already spent on all the hardware and software that you already bought. The junky is now hooked. great move for MS who's making billions, while the consumer who bought the 360 is screwed, nice job with the sales 360owners.

pixelsword3306d ago

I don't see how knowing that someone else who I'll likely not get to know well got the same console I got makes the game play any better for me; granted, that means more people in multiplayer matches for sure, but I can only play one game server at at time so if the one I'm in is full and/or has bots, I'm not really losing sleep about who sold three more on the full moon.

Sorry if that sounds blasphemous to you, but life's too short to hate on what I don't have, so I choose to enjoy and be thankful to YHWH for what I do have.

The Lazy One3306d ago

They're logic is pretty ridiculous.

It's like saying the Lions did well if they go 3 out of 16 because they should have gone 2 out of 16 this year.

GameForFame3306d ago

While I'm not going to even bother reading the article after seeing that opener, I am going to admit that I probably agree with the main point.

Can't believe this whole PS3/360 thing gets people to write in such a manner. These people would not survive as a real journalist/writer. Then again, I guess that's why they do Video Game stuff online.


cmrbe3305d ago

This is exactly is what I would have wrote. You xbox fans really can't dispute it. The bottom line is, Ps3 is still far from it's peak and yet it's still selling faster than the x360 at it's peak.

Syronicus3305d ago

Trying to explain the simple facts to the fanboys is akin to throwing pearls tot he swine. In other words, a waste of time.

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Ravage273306d ago

Might be a tad one-sided, but all the points are valid and logical.

table3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

pretty crap read. Shouldn't make the front page, its not news and its just stating the obvious.

psxextreme are just lowering themselves to fanboy level. I expect better from them.

Darkeyes3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Agreed above... I do agree with few points and the recent sales number do show PS3 sales aren't that lagging behind the 360, but why does this site have to sound so fanboyish? I know it's a PS site, but come on can't people just be a little unbiased in this industry where every remark is scrutinized? I am a PS3 fan, but that was unnecessary 360 bashing... Using words like 'sorry list of exclusives'... Stooping too low PSXtreme....

Besides this sales crap is really overblown..... Play the f*cking games and be happy... I would only care about the sales if I owned few shares of that company....

Frankenberg3306d ago

What is relevant and he is missing the point is that in the last generation that the PS2 sold over 100 million vs 22 million for the Xbox. If the PS3 were doing as good as he implicated then it would not be an even race, the PS3 would be outselling the 360 5 to 1.

Even with all the problems the 360 has had, it has done quite well this gen and who knows what Natal will do. We still have a ways to go before it is decided.

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Natsu X FairyTail3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

what the f1ck did I just read?

who approved that bull?

and LOL @ the channel this as been posted under

"Industry News"

commodore643306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )


I find it hard to take a writer seriously when he starts his tirade with:

"And I'll use small words, so all the Xbox 360 fankids who keep laughing about the PS3 will be able to follow."

....seriously, this article belongs in the trash.

Sez 3306d ago

It's a Sony fanboy site what do you exspect. They're just trying extra hard to spin the fact that Sony is bleeding money. To make Sony look good.

Sarick3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Why do you care about who approved this. Just look at the info. Anyway, I see a few people I didn't expect approve it.

Everything seemed valid but IMHO was drawn out as flamebait. It would've been A++ if it just pointed out the facts about the PS3 and left the fanboys out of it.

DelbertGrady3306d ago

PSX Extreme is one of few sites on the web that reports what's actually going on in an unbiased fashion. Great article.

Not like Botaku with their 3fixme bias.

SonySoldiers3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Playstations desperately need to win again this gen! Drop from 1st place to 3rd place is rather heartbreaking. Those plenty who disagree must check themselves for mental issues. Something to whine about, just so let you know

Xbox is pretty much the same, 2nd place last gen 2nd place this gen (no win no lose)

Even if PS3s catching up to 2nd place, it still is the LOSER

TheTruth893306d ago

You can't count the NIntendo Wii... EVEN candies sold more than 360+wii+ps3... this mean Candies > Consoles?

the Wii is another kind of console...

Sez 3306d ago

As much as I would like to agree with you comment. You can't pick and choose when to consider the wii a console competing with the 360 and ps3. Like when fanboys consider it a competing console when 360 is beating the ps3 in sales. But not consider a console when it comes quality of games or next gen console. Either it's competing with the ps3 and 360 or it's not. Fanboys stop flip floping.

Kill Crow3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

This time last year xbox had roughly 5.5 million lead over PS3.

Same time this year, xbox has roughly 7.5 million lead (and is still growing even if by small amount)

So, conclude that in the first 6 months of 2009 xbox 360 only sold 100K more than PS3. So, that means in the last 6 months of last year xbox360 must have sold ... wait for it ..... because I konw how bad most of your is you pesky fan boys .... 1.9 million MORE consoles than PS3.

PSlast anyone?

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