SFX-360: Overlord: Minions Review

SFX-360 writes: "After a few successful romps on the big consoles, Codemasters and Climax Studios are all too happy to bring the Overlord franchise over to the Nintendo DS and Dsi for the first time ever with Overlord: Minions. Taking the reins of monster minions Stench, Blaze, Zap, and Giblet, you are instructed by the Overlord Gnarl to hunt down the Kindred guys, a heinous cult of naysayers. The Kindreds themselves have an evil plan of world domination, plotting to revive the Dragon Kin clan of half-dragon, half-human creatures in order to overthrow Gnarl. You'll have the chance to play as all four characters simultaneously and each one has a special skill you'll need to pass through the game; one walks through toxic fumes, one can pass through fire, another can trot across ice and water Jesus-style, and the fourth has the muscle to move and pick up items.

No offense to my very own monsters hiding in my closet, but these minions are downright ugly and even unlikable as game characters. While the game case proudly bears the image of these unsightly guys, I cannot share their enthusiasm for the stereotypical design of demon-like personas with little difference between them. It reminded me a bit of The Power Rangers Movie; while all the characters are very different in appearance and ability, they practically all the same to a blind person… unless you count maybe the White Ranger, always the gung-ho ringleader of his martial arts butt-kicking squad. To stray away from design is comparable to an apple falling from its tree, as the game is a graphic eyesore with awkward in-game animations paired with unpolished cinematics. The plague spreads to sound design, which is generally repetitive and unimaginative causing me to shut the volume off completely after a few stages, namely so I could fall asleep without hearing dungeon tunes and the cackle of the minions. Unfortunately, there's not much to say about the minions themselves, which is where the foundation of this game only begins to crumble..."

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