PSX Extreme: Gran Turismo Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Gran Turismo was the all elusive PlayStation Portable game for 5 years now. It's actually incredible when you think about, but Gran Turismo PSP was announced when the PSP was announced. Following a disappearance that had gone on for years, the game became a joke of sorts in the game world, many calling it vaporware. Polyphony had repeatedly assured us it was coming, and it looks like they weren't kidding. Having endured numerous delays because of Polyphony's incredibly busy development schedule with Gran Turismo 4, Touring Trophy, Gran Turismo HD Concept demo, Gran Turismo Prologue, and Gran Turismo 5, the PSP game was ultimately sidelined and worked on in between every one of the home-console titles. But now it's here, and we've played it."

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cranium3305d ago

For a second I thought that this was the PS3 GT, not the PSP version :(

CIO Caveman Trolls3305d ago

Thats heaven!.. Anjing Loe Ngentod

-Mezzo-3305d ago

Me too i came here hoping that it's the preview of the GT5 (PS3).

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3305d ago

+ The Video i saw of it looked AMAZING!!! ;-P

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The story is too old to be commented.