SFX-360: The Punisher No Mercy Review

SFX-360 writes: "It's not often that I get buyer's remorse but that's exactly what I got after paying ten bucks for The Punisher No Mercy game on the PSN. The game looked promising enough after seeing all the trailers and hype that went along with the game. It appeared to be slam packed full of goodies for a PSN game and at 10 bucks to boot what could go wrong.

Sadly a lot went wrong with the game. The first disappoint came in the single player aspect of the game. I was given the impression the game would have a strong single player element to it but silly me for thinking that. Turns out the single player aspect is nothing more than an introduction to all the different multiplayer types on the different maps the game has to offer with a comic story line tossed in the middle of it. Very similar to how Unreal 3 handled its single player. The game is meant to focus on the multiplayer side of it and to be honest it could do without the single player side at all. Playing the single player side will unlock characters and weapons for you to use but really there is no advantage to one character over the other..."

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