PSX Extreme: LittleBigPlanet Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Sony's put together some of the absolute best videogame franchises and in gaming history over the past three years of the PlayStation 3's life. Creating and maintaining that momentum proved to be very pivotal as the PS3's library of games is perceived to be the best of the entire generation, suddenly turning around a tide of hate that once pegged Sony's console at the bottom of the heap. So it only made sense for Sony to take these successful franchises and bring them down to the PSP, a system whose sales have been on the upward streak since 2008, but with software sales unusually poor."

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The_Beast3337d ago

put psp in there, its ganna look retarded considering the game came out almost a year ago

Saaking3337d ago

I can't believe how many games the PSP is getting. I'm thinking about getting a PSP Go (yes I know the current PSPs can also play this games) but the price... I'll have to sacrifice some stuff.