SFX-360: The BIGS 2 Review

SFX-360 writes: " In 2007 2K released a crazy, powered up, steroid pumping arcade version of baseball that was nothing but addicting to fans of the sport or those looking to destroy pitchers with line drives, The BIGS. From home runs that will make Jose Canseco write another book to incredible showboating catches that will make you believe players have rockets in there shoes; this game was crazy fun and addicting. Well The BIGS has returned in 2009 with the sequel, and well thought out name, The BIGS 2.

From the start, the presentation looks better then the original. Players are more toned and look realistic, so player models look accurate. The players look better then the other 2K baseball game and you will notice other facial expressions depending on the situation. Stadiums look just like there real life counterparts. I really don't like how close the camera is to the players, it makes them look bigger then they are and the grass textures look very strange at some points in play.

When you start up the game and enter the menu you will either hear a song you're familiar with or you won't. The soundtrack is hit or miss depending on your taste in music. There is no custom soundtrack option so you are stuck with what you hear, unless you use the console music you ripped from your CD's or have a MP3 connected. Commentary can be funny at first as it pokes fun at the steroid use in baseball, but after awhile it can be repetitive. When you play in Mexico you get Spanish PA announcers. As for how the game sounds, it's okay. Not great but good enough..."

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