Announcement Timeframe Set for Jaffe's Next Game

David Jaffe's and Eat Sleep Play's next game could be revealed as early as December.

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Galvanise3275d ago

. . .when he was asked for a hint on his next game, he answered. .'sorry, no Kane do'. Twisted Metal ahoy.

Blaze9293275d ago

what the hell is Jaffe trying to do build up hype? Just announce the game already or shut up until you can. This has been going on for way too long now with the "soon" "soon" etc etc and now theres a timeframe.

Just wanna hear those two sweet words confirmed, Twisted Metal. Hopefully its a real Twisted Metal game that takes full advantage of the PS3 and not like some, budget title or something.

socomnick3275d ago

Yea everyone knows what his next game is. But does anyone seriously care, jaffe acts like hes a great dev and that everyone wants to know what his game is but frankly he is only succeeding at annoying us by giving out tiny hints. When it is announced nobody will give a flying [email protected]

Major_Tom3275d ago (Edited 3275d ago )

You won't give a flying f*ck if twisted metal is announced? You're a joke dude.

hay3275d ago

New Twisted Metal will be Da Bomb. Market has a huge hole for this kind of action.

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skatezero2463275d ago

I still think it's going to be a new twisted metal ....

inbfour3275d ago

I really hope so. Twisted Metal 2 was the first game I owned and I played the crap out of it.

I just need my Twisted Metal fix. There really hasn't been a great TM game since Black.


I think we can be 99.9% sure it's a new Twisted Metal for PS3, the only thing we can argue about is when it will be officially unveiled. Will it be at Sony's 3hour Gamescom conference or at Tokyo Game Show. I say Gamescom, whats your thoughts?

skatezero2463275d ago

I think it may be around tgs because I think Sony's going to announce the ps3 slim along with a price drop and talk more about the psp go at gamescom .... it would explain thier long conference

N4GAddict3275d ago

Dunno, Jaffe tweeted that it will be December at the earliest. So maybe the Video Game Awards?

LordMarius3275d ago

I dont think Twisted Metal appeals to Japan, so dont expect it at TGS,
and ^^^ I agree with that just like Uncharted 2

grantps33275d ago

jaffe, STFU and give me the game now

freitox3275d ago

The internet. for you. in a nutshell.

DragonWarrior_43275d ago

Like we all dont know what this game is gonna be. He accidently slipped when Patcher asked him about it during the bonus round they had together. It was funny. Jaffe gave patcher the look that was pretty much saying. STFU! lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.