SFX-360: Gears of War: Road to Ruin Review

SFX-360 writes: "As the opening video from Cliffy himself tells us, there are many reasons that parts of a game can often be taken out. The PC version of the first Gears of War was proof of that giving us hours of gameplay that was cut out the console version! The Road to Ruin is no exception, having been hinted at in Gears of War 2 during a scene with Marcus and Dom but ultimately being cut out.

It was obvious to me when playing the game the first time that something was taken out after that cut scene and it turns out my gut instinct was right, I do have a large gut after all. Epic has unleashed the deleted scene upon as The Road to Ruin for us to experience in all of its deleted glory. Picking the option from the main menu lets us pick up the story mode of the game right there at the cut scene after the tear jerking Maria scene. (you go Carlos!)

As Marcus explains to Dom you can go in guns blazing or take a more stealthy approach by wearing some awesome Theron Guard armor. Being stealthy is the last thing you think of when it comes to Gears of War so I opted to go this route first. The cool Theron Guard armor sadly was the only cool part to this adventure..."

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I played it its damn short and the stleath suck. The only thing you shouldnt do is to walk to close to the Locust or they can smell you. But the multiplayer maps was worth it especialy for me who brought All Fronts Collection.