SFX-360: Puzzle Domino Review

SFX-360 writes: "We all know I am the Queen of puzzle games, so if you see me somewhere without a cell phone or Nintendo DS in my hands, ask me if I'm feeling ok, because I'm probably not!! It's no surprise then that when I see a game called "Puzzle Domino" the butterflies in my stomach & the sweat on my brow increase with just the thrill & anticipation of getting sucked into a puzzle fury!!!

What is Puzzle Domino exactly you may ask? Puzzle Domino plays somewhat similar to the Sega Classic "Columns" but with the twist of the falling blocks being Dominos, and being allowed to turn your dominoes 360 degrees. The dominos fall endlessly and you have to be quick on her fingertips to move the domino on the screen to get a three in a row combo so you can clear the screen. Your combos can be either, horizontal, vertical or diagonal to clear the dominos..."

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