SFX-360: Splosion Man Review

SFX-360 writes: "With the success of their hit game The Maw well behind them, the crew at Twisted Pixel spent the next eight months working hard on their next project. Twisted Pixel Games CEO Michael Wilford said they wanted to create a game and "make it as retarded as possible." At E3 2009 they revealed 'Splosion Man, a platform game with some old-school flare featuring a crazy, out of control character who literally explodes.

Created in an underground lab, our explosive hero must find a way to escape the lab as well as gain revenge against the scientists who did this to him. 'Splosion Man has explosive powers which allows him to reach new heights by bouncing off of walls. Of course he can also kill enemy scientists by exploding which leaves them in piles of meat instead of the usual blood and gore. The funny part is the fact that if you stick around for a couple of seconds after exploding them you'll see the meat begin to cook. Just like other platform games including Sonic the Hedgehog, Splosion Man's personality can sometimes be a little off especially in instances where you just stand. You'll see him doing jumping jacks, juggling, making random jibberish sounds. Sometimes you;ll hear him say one of the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger lines like "Get to the chopper," or maybe he might just want some "Donut Love" from a certain scientist..."

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